Friday, March 9, 2012

Project progress...

 Thanks to advice from my followers the rug is progressing nicely.  I did take it apart and re-sew it a bit looser.  That helped.  I really enjoy working on it.   We have gone from coaster size to chair pad size. 
These aren't colors I normally use, but I really like how it looks in the rug.  Now I need to get working on the quilt.  That is where I need more advice.  Does anyone know a good tutorial website that shows how to use templates when making a quilt?  I need to make at least a hundred odd shaped triangles using two different templates.   I have never used a template when making a block.  Any help is appreciated. 

Also the worms are happy and settled in.  I have decided to take my compost to them once a week.  I check them daily.  I have to admit part of that is because I keep thinking I'll go down there and they will have escaped the bin and I will have to explain to my husband why our house is crawling with worms.  So far so good and they have stayed bin bound.   No, Gene, they are not for fishing!

On the bird front, an unidentified bird of prey seems to be perusing my feeders.   I just saw him for a second this weekend.  Time to take a quick photo.  He didn't hang around long enough to identify.   I see yesterday it must have got a bird from the feeder.  After a thorough investigation of the crime scene, I believe I'm short a junco. 
My final project update is that I racked my saskatoon and pear wines.  I'm happy with their progress.  The Sassy Saskatoon wine has been a plesant surprise for it's flavor.  I just had some of my 3rd batch Rowdy Rhubarb and you can certianly tell that I used the larger redder pieces of rhubarb.  The difference in flavor is distinct.
We will not discuss gardening any time soon.  My poor greenhouse is behind a bank of snow.  My husband keeps trying to tell me that the long range forecast says things will be warmer from here on out.  I'm not buying it.
I'm glad to see the rest of the world is starting to awaken to spring.  I look forward to your quilting advice and looking at your green gardens.


  1. I've always loved braided rugs...yours looks great! What is yours made of?

    1. It is made from strands of material, leftover from cutting strips for a quilt.

  2. Oh, what a bummer that you still have snow and can't get to your greenhouse. I hope you are not going too stir-crazy. I've never quilted, so I don't have any advice. Your braided rug is looking good!

  3. We never really got any snow this year in our part of Ohio. Last year we were like you guys. But since the snow never really came spring has come very early. The snow drops bloomed early in February and the daffodills and other spring flowers are up and getting close to blooming. Our seeds are all planted inside and will be moved to the green house by May. I have only made a few quilts so I don't have a lot of advice for you. I have things to make the braided rugs. I have just never ventured out and made one yet. That is on my to do list along with 100 other things!!

  4. Can't help with any quilting advice but can send you to my daughter's blog to ask her. She is a grand quilter extraordinaire!

  5. Love the rugs! I'm teaching myself to knit and am making a scarf, of all things... I don't know why when I'm so sick of winter and envious of everyone's lovely spring flower pics on their blogs. Is it bad that it gives me a little comfort to know that I'm not the only one still buried in snow? :)

    Here's to next week and 60 degree weather, so they promise.

  6. The rug is nice, looks like a lot of work has gone in it.

  7. This probably isn't the nicest thing to say to a fellow gardener, but I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who has snow still. Poor Junko, I know, it's nature and all that...but still.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  8. I remember my Dadd's mother made braided rugs..wish she had passed on her skills.

  9. I love your rug!!! If you are brave watching me do soap, then I am brave because you did that rug. I have my directions and books and even material but I am so afraid to try it. Is it easy? Do you have any tips. :)
    Don't you just love your worms? My first batch of worms did get away. They all crawled out of my box and into the flowerbeds. I have lovely flowerbeds now though where they live. I got my second batch and I loved having them too.
    I did let them go when it got so hot I was afraid of them dying. So I let them go in another flowerbed.
    The have really helped my soil.
    I bet you do start getting melt soon.
    I might get a third batch, but I just don't have a place where I could keep all of the sun off of them. I do love going out and feeding them and turning them and I love the smell of the soil? In the box. I can't remember the right word.
    I had a hawk I was at war all winter. I think he is gone now. He would scream at me every time I went out in the pasture. He would sit on the fence and watch my bedroom door. All I ever did was try to get his picture. :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  10. You count your Juncos?? LOL
    Rowdy Rhubarb wine....THAT is a great name!!

  11. My grandfather use to make crochet rag runs. I remember countless hours my grandmother and I would spend hand stitching rag strips together for him to crochet. This rug you are making will make a wonderful heirloom for someone one day. I still have one rug from my grandfather and I cherish it. All that work, done by hand, and it lasts forever. We also shopped all the local thrift stores for bags of clothes to use for the rags.

    Your rug has brought back wonderful memories for me. I can't wait to see your finished rug. Braiding probably takes a bit longer than crochet.

  12. The rug is turning out so nice! I really admire that you are so crafty! I need to learn more from you about this type of project. My new house could use a rug and it would be super cool to make one. Ok..I was thinking to, should I plant a rhubarb plant? I don't like them so much but to plant one for a wine..ah ha! Now I'm inspired. I love visiting your blog and coming away with lot's of inspiring ideas! Cheers, Jenni


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