Saturday, March 31, 2012

rabbits and rattlesnakes...

Last night I went to dinner and a play with a couple of my longtime friends.  My simple night out turned out to be a bit of an adventure when we read the menu.  Rabbit and Rattlesnake Sausage  linguine?  I was enamored and had to give it a try.  Let me say it was delicious.  The sausage was very rich and tasted nothing like chicken:)  The meal was huge, so I had some to take home.  Despite offering several people samples, only one person was brave enough to give it a try. Go Tera.

I found it funny how this simple plate made people ponder.  The waitress commented that it was ironic preadator and prey were so good together.  It got my brother thinking and he wants me to research creating a jackrabbit and antelope sausage.  He said it would make the elusive South Dakota Jackalope a reality.  Though the combination gave some people thought, it made others cringe.   Needless to say, my husband who detests snakes did not sample from my doggie bag.

I can't say enough how much I enjoyed a wonderful evening with friends.  Sometimes a person gets so wrapped up in everyday things that one forgets the importance of time with friends is meaningful. We decided we would try to get out more often. 

What do you think?  Would you try the rabbit and rattlesnake linguine?  What was the oddest food you tried and enjoyed?   


  1. Bring it on, sounds delicious. Second helpings please?

  2. My kids probably would have tried it, but I don't know if I could be that adventurous!

  3. Ummm...I must confess that I have NO desire to try eating any kind of snake. But I'm glad you did! :) I can't say what the oddest thing I've tried would be, since I tend to stick to the "safe" stuff. Boring, isn't it?! :)

  4. I would try it in a heartbeat :) Sounds really good to me.
    the strangest thing I have ever tried was raw beluga whale. I couldn't even bite through it and ended up swallowing it whole! Just wanted to get it down and make the cook happy ;)
    Glad you had a great time out!

  5. My feet are lifting up off the floor just reading this I am not a huge snake fan,
    My aunt tricked me into eating chocolate covered crickets once. I thought they were good but when she told me what it was I threw up. Mind over matter strange indeed. I think if I did not know I could eat anything I remember being a hungry kid and eating strange food my Dad did not name:) B

  6. Bonnie...I'm laughing because it sounds like an episode from the Food Network's show, Chopped! I'd had to pass, but it's because I'm a vegetarian not because it sounds strange. I do wholeheartedly agree about spending time with friends. We had the pleasure of having one of our daughter's friends stay with us last night; she was in Seattle for a conference. Good friends are the heartbeat of our souls. <3Susan

  7. I am very scared of snakes and would never try it...even though the snake dead, I someone couldn't do it. We barely see venison on the menu where we live in Ontario.

  8. You've made a good point about getting out, but you'll have to add me to the list of those who (I'm sorry) wouldn't try it--I really admire your adventurous palate though! :-)

    The oddest food I've ever had was whale-blubber when we lived in Alaska--I've never forgotten the texture and how I needed a glass of water to get the one bite I had, down...I'm a meat and potatoes gal through and through! :-))!!!

  9. Wow! That is really interesting! I am guessing you went to a place where the chef has control over what goes on the menu. That's awesome. I've never been to a place that had rattlesnake or rabbit on the menu. I've only been to one restaurant where the menu is created by a wonderful talented chef and they use local ingredients and have a garden on the grounds....needless to say...I love that place! But anyhow, I would definitely try the rabbit...but being as it was sausage and the rabbit and rattlesnake was intertwined....hmm? yes I would have to say, I would ponder for a minute...I would really want to try, i just don't like snakes at all! However, I do pride myself on not being picky and someone who tries all, i guess I would try it. The rabbit part of it does not give me the chills...but the snake part of it does! ...makes me think that I would have nightmares of snakes all night. LOL! I like that you gave it a go. You're my kind of person!

  10. Bob gives you a thumbs up for being a good sport. We have eaten alligator tail and it was good. Ate it at Bass Pro Shops restaurant in Springfield MO.


  11. Wow, you know what? I was braver when I was younger. My Dad and brother would always go out and get rattlesnakes and cook them. But now I don't know what happened to me I don't know if I would.
    Weird isn't it. You know how at Halloween people are always making food that looks like fingers and eyeballs and stuff like that?
    Well, I can't even look at it. :) I blame it on turning 50 I pass out at the sight of blood now too.

  12. Tried AND enjoyed? Darn it, I was going to mention how much I didn't like eel. Yikes, the taste, the texture, the idea??? NO! I've eaten rattlesnake in Texas and it was good.

    Just a few nights ago we went out for a night with friends and we had a ball. Lingered over dinner and spent time really talking. It meant the world to me.

    Love seeing the hummingbird feeder on your porch!

    Happy spring!

  13. i would have to try it! i love interesting and different meals. sounds like a fun time with friends! take care...

  14. Sounds like a wonderful time with friends along with wonderful food. I've not tried anything like that but I did grow up eating moose and caribou, my family had rabbit once when I was quite young - once I found out it was rabbit I refused to eat it.


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