Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Creature comforts...

Hope you are all staying safe and cool.  Sounds like everyone is having a pretty rough 4th of July, between fires, heat, wayward cattle, and destructive thunderstorms.  Grab a cold drink, relax for a moment, and visit nature's creatures in the garden.
A few years ago I noticed a big decline in the number of bumble bees on our property.  I am happy to say they are back in full force.  I enjoy watching them on the delphiniums in front of the porch.

I was lucky enough to get some great shots of this hummingbird moth.  My husband pointed out that it might hang around more if I stopped harassing it with the camera. 

I found this spider to be a tad disturbing.  Doesn't it look like a little skull?

Mad Bluebird eat your heart out... I have the Grouchy Grossbeak.
A glass of homemade wine, a beautiful view, and visiting my blog friends on the computer.  It was a wonderful Fourth of July.

What a sunset.



  1. Wonderful photos! You certainly have a beautiful garden! Glad to hear you're seeing more bees again. I know the lack of bees is a problem in many places.

  2. Oh... you have such a lovely blog!! Your title just drew me in and I'm so glad!!
    Hope you had a great 4th too!
    PS Going to follow along!!

  3. This is truly beautiful and needed. I enjoyed my visit:) B

  4. Happy Fourth to you too! Great photos of the hummingbird moth. And that is most definitely a grouchy grosbeak!

    We have had a very nice Fourth, lots of loud fireworks going off all around our neighborhood, but we've stayed away from the crowds.

  5. Thank you for a lovely post to start my day. Your birds and blooms are amazing.

  6. I once read an article about waking bumblebees in the early morning hours by finding them under the petals (I found them under my coneflower petals)and tickling them awake. I tried it and sure enough, they were there sleeping and I just lightly rubbed my finger on one and it woke up, sleepy and slow moving! With this heat it's been fun to watch the birds play in the sprinkler and birdbath. Love the hummingbird moth photo!

  7. Your blooms are so pretty! And I just love the picture at the top of your blog! It looks like such a peaceful place.

  8. I had never heard of a hummingbird moth--it was beautiful. I wish I could capture the hummingbirds that come to my hanging baskets of fuschia--I need to build a "hummingbird blind" tee hee! We had a pleasant 68 degrees and sunshine, which is always welcomed when you live in the Pacific Northwest. I made a blueberry/lemon bundt cake (hubby gave the blueberry slab pie away to his employees) and we had veggie hot dogs! I was thankful that the neighbors adhered to the rule of no fireworks after midnight, so I could was a busy day!
    Love your flowers--your garden inspires my designs for the next book! XOXO

  9. I'm so glad you paid us a visit at Hibiscus House. I now follow your wonderful blog. Beautiful flowers!

  10. Your place just seems so beautiful and pleasant. I love your photos and the humming bird moth is crazy! wow! I've never seen such a thing. Glad to hear your bumblebees are back in full force. I always hate to hear about how we are losing our bees in alarming numbers! By the way, I absolutely love the photo of your porch with the wine glass and the American flag...I would love to sit a spell with you and have an afternoon chat!

  11. Lovely flowers and birds, those delphiniums are magnificent.

  12. WoW, you got some really amazing images. the bumble bees and sunset were my favorites!!

    your gardens are beautiful, how is the greenhouse doing??

  13. I want to come sit on your porch! What a relaxing lace, what a view too. Your delphiniums are lovely and you captured some great photos of the hummingbird moth, the bee, and the grosbeak. I have never seen a grosbeak like that one. Once I had the good fortune to see a rose breasted grosbeak in my garden. Sounds like you had a wonderful Fourth!

  14. With a 4 day power outage, when I returned on Monday I enjoyed sitting on our porch and watching everything--While I was hot and miserable, I did notice a few things that I wouldn't have ordinarily, like the bees and the hummingbird moths which are my favorites to see around the butterfly bush.

    I hope you had a great 4th, and are staying cool--Or running through the sprinkler when no one is looking! :-)

  15. I love the images of the bumblebee on the delphinium. We used to have hummingbird moths in our gardens but I hardly see them now. As I was not into photography then, I'm now waiting for an opportunity to shoot some of them.

  16. Oh my gosh, is that just a moment of beauty or what?

    Sounds perfect peaceful.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  17. Those creatures love eyour garden! I never had a picture of a hummingbird moth. Thanks for showing!

  18. so beautiful! i LOVE the bumlebee photo. they are all amazing. thanks for sharing!


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