Saturday, November 24, 2012

Oh the possibilities...

 Last year my husband shot a moose in Alberta, Canada.  A year later we are still eating moose meat.   Also a year later we got the hide back.  Yippee.  It is amazing.
 I am extremely excited about the potential for this beautiful piece of leather.  If you see the little triangles, they are used by the tanner to identify the taxidermist that sent the hide to them.  The top is smooth and you can see from the photo below the back is rough.
If you are wondering what my plan is.  the possibilities are endless.  The photo below from the Prairie Edge website looks like the direction we are heading.  I want the hide to tell a story.  I am going to do a lot of research before I start this endeavor.
Buffalo Hunt Robe By Mike McLeod
 You probably won't see an update on this project for awhile.  I have a quilt I am determined to finish.  I also want to make sure the plan is perfect before I start painting it.  Don't worry I will keep you posted on its progress.


  1. This looks like a unique will be fun to see what you decide to do with it.

  2. My husband being a trapper and hunter -- I can appreciate how proud you both must be. The hide is such a gorgeous caramel color. I'll be so anxious to see the final result. :)

  3. It does look like an amazing project you will undertake, but I can imagine its planning will get you through the winter and before you know it--it's Spring!

  4. Bonnie,
    How thrilling to have such a hide, wow. Cool project also. Just yesterday the radio was talking about moose meat.

  5. Oh this is a wonderful project you are considering I would love to see that. It is great that you did not waste the hide.We ate a lot of Moose balls as kids, that is ground moose meat made into meatballs if you are wondering:) B

  6. What an interesting project you're about to undertake.

  7. Anxious to see what you come up. I wish we had some moose meat in our freezer ~ that is my favorite meat... but it's pretty expensive for us to go to Canada grocery shopping. The last time we went was in 2001 and we had such a fantastic time. We never kept the hide of our moose and now I'm wishing we would have gotten it tanned. I do have a few deer hides tanned, that I too am still waiting to use on a project. I tried printing an image on an iron on transfer paper with the computer, then I ironed it onto the hide and it really turned out nice. Now I want to stretch the hide on to a hoop; but just haven't gotten around to finishing it yet. Maybe this post will get me inspired again to get it done!


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