Sunday, November 11, 2012

What was I doing?

Well, 40 isn't all it was cracked up to be.  I went deer hunting this weekend, but forgot to take my bullets:)  I'm blaming it on memory loss due to age.  My loving husband didn't point out that he reminded me to pack shells the night before, he just invited me to hunt with him.  Despite freezing temperatures we had fun watching the action.  Deer love was in the very cold air.  I didn't get any photos, due to freezing rain.  I did remember the camera. 

Today it was just too cold and windy to go out, so we stayed home.  I continued to work on my quilt and racked all of my wines.  I currently have buffalo berry, chokecherry, crab apple, hard cider, and raspberry in the works.  I don't just make wine, I also drink it and had a small bottle of Rowdy Rhubarb tonight.  Very nice.   If you are wondering what the little bird and bee pincushion are doing in the photo above, they were birthday gifts from my sister.   They are just cute and I love them.

I haven't been posting very often lately.  Mainly because the sun is down before I get home.  It is very cold here 3 degrees was the low today and 14 was the high.  I wanted to wrap my roses and cover my flower beds, but just couldn't bring myself to go outside. 

I want to say thank you to the American Veterans out there.  My brother served in Iraq and the cost was immense to him and my family.  More than we could have ever imagined.  I hope that returning veterans never go through the pain we have endured.  Freedom is not free and I appreciate the sacrifice made by every man and woman in the military.  


  1. Love the picture of you 2:(
    The pin cushion is very cute!! Thanks for the picture.

  2. Please send our heartfelt appreciation and thankfulness to your brother for his sacrifice and his bravery.

  3. Bonnie,

    Sure bet the deer were glad you forgot the bullets.

    Meg's son has been to Afghanistan and is still serving in the special forces, I know exactly what you mean.

    4 degrees, ouch we had 72 here today.

  4. I had brothers that served in Viet Nam and nephews in the gulf wars and know exactly the sacrifice they made. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families in the military. Stay warm, dear friend; wish I was there to enjoy some of your homemade wine with you, XOXO

  5. Like your quilt, is it from scraps?My grandmother used old clothes. I put in for one in a raffle today.Hats off to our veterans, I am looking forward to a nice ceremony Monday.

  6. Oh thank you to your brother and all the other man and women who keep us safe on both sides of the border.Yes the affects on everyone are more than people can ever know. Long lasting.
    Yikes it is cold. I cannot believe you are only 40, you look good:) hugs B

  7. I'm sorry about your family's pain...and thankful for those, like your brother, who have made great sacrifices to serve our country!

    3 degrees sounds unbearably cold to me! Say warm!!

  8. I think we are all so grateful when a soldier returns home, but I think they trade one battle for another. God bless our soldiers and their families.

  9. Morning.....yes, I agree, bet the deer were happy you forgot the bullets, Yey....... Love the quilt your working on, We make our own wine to.......yummy.......Freedom is not free, Bless all the soldiers...... Hugs Francine.

  10. beautiful word about your handsome brother!!

    i am "secretly" happy you forgot your bullets, i am a bambie lover!!

  11. I never grow tired of headline banner photos with your gorgeous house on them!

    I have the highest regards for veterans - I am so grateful to them for my freedom.

  12. I appreciate the sacrifice Veterans have made for all of us. I think people in general don't realize what they go through.

    I'd like to hear more about this wine you make. Quilting by hand? My sister quilt, I garden and bake/cook. I've always wished I could quilt!


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