Friday, September 13, 2013

Dabs of Danish Garden art...

We visited so many things in Denmark.  All of them are great.  My editor reminded me the theme of the blog is gardening, so stick to the plan.  I'm sharing a few more garden art inspired photos.
The first three photos are what I call the art garden.  There weren't many flowers, but the yard was captivating to me.  The home was in an little beach resort town of Tisvildeleje.

 I love the little fellow above.   There is just something about him.  I am infatuated with the rocks hanging from a wire in the photo below.  I looked everywhere for some to buy.  I also considered bring back a suitcase of ocean round rocks and try to make one myself.  If you look closely you can see apples on the bench and a picture of either beer or apple juice.  The hens and chicks in the rock are also very cool.
 I wish this person had been outside sipping on their beer (or apple juice).  I had a lot of questions.  Where did they get the stone carvings?  If they made them, how did they do it?  How did you string the rocks? Is that beer or apple juice?  Many many questions.  They are lucky they weren't outside when we walked by.  Below are happy birds not angry ones.
The next three photos are from a nearby horse farm.  Again the rock sculpture caught my attention when we first got there.  It is quite soothing. 
Don't you just want to sit on that bench with a glass of lemonade?  The blue on the barn was a very common color.  It is a very relaxing spot. 
This flower garden was next to the chicken coop.  Photos do not do justice to the colors of the phlox, clematis, and calendula.  It was a lovely garden.

 I hate to say these last three statues were not part of a garden, but part of a cemetery.  I fell in love with them.  This wasn't the statues of knights, horses, or lions that you expect to see in Europe.  Instead they celebrated the tiny little creatures of Denmark.  I regret to say I missed seeing a hedgehog by one day.  A friend of Christina's had a beautiful little garden (Sorry I forgot the camera) and a little hedgehog family had shown up the night before we got there. Alas, I did not get to see them except in statue form.  
Just a fraction of the beautiful things we saw thanks to my good friend.  I'm not sure if you are tired of Danish photos.  Maybe a few more posts.  After all it was a once in a lifetime trip.  Which garden art was your favorite?


  1. Once in a lifetime trips deserve to take as many posts as you like. I am enjoying seeing somewhere I probably will never see. The art is amazing and peaceful. This is so wonderful. Hug B

  2. I just love the clean lines and simplicity of Danish art. Lovely photos Bonnie. xo

  3. The Danish statuary and figurines are wonderful. They have a lovely clean style.

  4. I really liked the rocks all strung together. How did they do that? Perhaps the rocks had natural holes from water? Love the little animal carvings.

  5. They have such beautiful sculptures in Denmark...there is a very creative streak showing there.

    I had no idea that you went, what a trip that must have been.


  6. I like the little troll fellow. He reminds me of something out of "Where the Wild Things Are." Unfortunately, garden statuary in my neck of the woods is far less charming.

    Christine in Alaska

  7. I just love all the sculptures in the garden and never tire of seeing your photos, XOXO


  8. I adored every single photo and your narrations.
    I too am a fan of all of this , fabulous .
    Thanks so much for sharing !


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