Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The harvest continues..

I am so excited.  Our two Haralson apple trees produced like crazy this year.  As did the Dolgo crabapple.  I get a few more grapes from my Valiant grape every.  I even got a nice harvest of apples from the wild apple tree on our property.   I'm still getting tomatoes. 

Best of all.....
My potato harvest success.  I tried the method I saw on pintrest, which consisted of a wire cage lined with straw,.  The inside was filled with compost and potatoes.  All I had to do was pick up the cage and the potatoes just rolled out.  That is how we do it in South Dakota, Gene.  No digging needed:) It wasn't a huge crop, because by the time I got my act together to try the project it was difficult finding seed potatoes.
I also harvested the chipmunk's sunflower crop.  I didn't plan a one of those sunflowers below.  Don't worry I'm slowly doling them out to my chipmunk farmer friends.  I never would have guessed I could get such big sunflower heads at this altitude.
 My final project for the weekend was to pull up the corn and use them for decoration.  I also added the sunflower heads.  I'm slowly building my fall display.  Notice my giant pumpkin.  It fell off of the vine.  I'm not sure if it will turn orange.  I have one pumpkin left. 
That is pretty much the end of my garden harvest.  It was a successful year and I enjoyed the challenge.  


  1. Good to know the potato thingy worked! I was wondering if it was as easy as it looked. Happy fall!

  2. Looks real nice.I have heard of using old tires stacked for potatoes.This sounds good, the digging part can be tough.

  3. That sure looks like a fun way to grow potatoes. Glad it worked for you. Those red ones are the best, in my book!

  4. Congrats on the success !!
    I need to try that potato trick next year.

  5. You really do have a green thumb. Stock up for winter...I hear it's going to be a doozy! XOXO


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