Sunday, December 22, 2013

A book review and a thank you...

I was so excited when we picked up the mail yesterday and I had a package from Sharon Lovejoy. I recently won Susan Branch's new book A Fine Romance and had been anxiously awaiting its arrival.  Little did I know that it was meant to be I win this book.  Originally someone else won the book at Sharon's blog, but they did not claim it.  My name was the next one drawn.  Now I know why.  The book is about true love and a journey across the ocean.  Two things I know about.

I am already halfway through the book and it has only been a day.  Susan does a phenomenal job of taking the reader along with her and her husband on their vacation to England.  It is easy for me to capture her enthusiasm, as my husband and I just took a 10 day dream trip to Denmark.  She begins the story by taking the reader back to when she first met Joe.  I'm glad she added this because it emphasizes how their trip was better because they shared it with each other.  Something else I can relate to.  Things are always better when you share them with the one you love.   I won't spoil the book, but I have to say I laughed to tears at her Car Talk tips for driving in England.  Especially, the photo of the car mirror in the hedgerow.   I'm so happy we had Christina to drive us around, thus we could enjoy the countryside.

Since I am a member of the Grimy Hands Girls Club, Sharon also included her book Rosemary Sweet Rosemary to the package.  I thank my sister for introducing me to the joys of Rosemary. Sharon's book gave me new ideas for it's use and I enjoyed learning the history of the plant.  It is ironic that I got this book when my Rosemary plant bloomed for the first time.   
I am very thankful for and highly recommend both books.   I have been running around the last few weeks trying to get everything done for everybody around me.  I was getting overwhelmed with the holiday stress.  This gift gave me a few minutes to sit down, put my feet up, enjoy a cup of coffee, and some good books.  Thank you Sharon and Susan and Merry Christmas to you and your families.


  1. Must admit I'd shy away from trying to drive in the US.

  2. Hello Bonnie, I think the next best thing to Susan Branch's Blog are all the wonderful links to new Blogs like yours! I love your Food for the Soul section and the photos and sayings along the side there➔ I was hoping your profile would tell me more about you, like where you live, for instance. I will have to look through your archives to see if I can find out--plus, I'm hoping to find photos of your of my dreams is to have a cabin on the mountainside overlooking a vast valley....

  3. Maybe many of us need to sit down and remember what this holiday is about. I was a bit stressed the other day and only laughed at myself to cure it.

  4. Both my favorite authors. I think I would be so excited over both. What a nice thing to sit and do with a hot cup of tea or coffee.
    I loved your book review,
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  5. What a lovely gift to win! I have the Susan Branch book in my wishlist. Peace and Joy to you and yours. Merry Christmas, Bonnie.

  6. Hi, Bonnie ... saw your comment on Susan's blog; congratulations on winning Sharon's giveaway. A Fine Romance is such a delightful book. I plan to re-read my copy again, and follow along with her interactive links. Sharon's bonus book looks interesting as well; I have a 'thing' for herb gardening. Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

    Sharon in Alabama

  7. I'm always jealous when I see the snow pic at the top of your page! Merry Christmas, Bonnie.


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