Sunday, December 29, 2013

Nothing says Christmas like sledding!

Christmas was awesome as always.  I received some very thoughtful gifts, but I didn't get up at 4 am and drive halfway across the state for the presents.  I got up for family, food, and fun.  We participated in our annual Christmas sledding.
 We had a few crashes.
Despite the grass and limited snow, the little plastic saucer sleds did great.
 This little one was adamant about going down feet first on her stomach.  It worked for her.
 This style of sledding was not so successful.
 Even the crashes were fun. 
                               Once you got the hang of it it was possible to pick up some speed.
 We had our own cheering section in the nice warm pickup.
 What goes down must come up.
 Even the littlest one took a run down the hill with Dad.
 This one was a real trooper.  That was a lot of climbing for those short legs.
No, not a crash.  They were exhausted after going up and down.  That is the universal sign for sledding is over.

You hear it all of the time that it is the Christmas Traditions that keep the spirit alive.  I have to say, nothing says Christmas to me like flying down a hill at neck breaking speeds.  I hope everyone had as happy a holiday.


  1. I had a lovely, low-key Christmas with just me and my husband and a big meal. Your photos brought back memories of sledding with my son (who's now 31). Glad you had a great holiday!

  2. Oh fun!! We have a good little sledding hill right here by the houses and what's nice is that it's not too long a jaunt to the top. We've been sledding with the grands on nice days. LOVE the pics!

  3. Looks like fun! As a girl, I would have been up and down on the sleds for hours. Now, I'd be content to be one of those in the warm pickup! :)

  4. The first photo looks as though he/she's head is buried in the snow! :)

  5. What a blissful way to celebrate family! Wishing you a Happy 2014!

  6. A whole lot of fun, waiting for the next snow to grace my sledding hill.

  7. Oh for fun!
    When I was young we had a 4-H Sledding Party at our January meeting. It always went over well.

    Happy New Year, Bonnie! The best of 2014 to you and your family.


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