Sunday, December 7, 2014

Berries, birds, and bucks...

While at my parents, Dad showed me his latest discovery.  A drift of brilliant orange among the prairie browns.
My dad has lived on the homestead his whole life, so for him to find something he has never seen before is somewhat surprising.  He did his research and found them to be bittersweet vines.  Without the leaves, it is hard to tell if they are American (very rare) or Oriental (very invasive). Either way they were beautiful intermingled with plum thickets.   

Not only were the bittersweet vines brilliant, but so were the cedar berries.  A few of the cedar trees looked like decorated Christmas trees. 
 Back in the Hills, I was excited to see my latest visitors at the bird feeder, the evening grosbeak.  When we built our cabin, I had a flock of 40 that would clean out my feeders in a day.  That was 13 years ago.  It is rare to see them now.  This small family included a male, female, and 2 juveniles. They must have been on a family vacation.  They hung around for a day and then were gone.

 My other visitor was this nice little buck.  He was sure looking our cabin over.  I enjoyed taking photos of him from our basement door.  I should have invited him.    

I'm getting over being sick.  It was nice to have these visitors to keep me occupied.  There is nothing more amazing than what Mother Nature has to offer.


  1. This has been a good year for the bittersweet. I cut some and put it over the top of my blinds in the living room. You had some nice visitors.

  2. Hope you are feeling better. You certainly had some interesting visitors. Been reading about all your jam and honey stocks. Looks like you are well prepared for your long winter days.
    I look forward to seeing your quilt project, might start one myself.
    Best wishes millyx

  3. What pretty photos. I didn't know bittersweet grew on the prairie, but maybe your parents are in an area where it does grow. We don't have plum thickets either, but different prairies hold different treasures. Love the grosbeaks and the buck. Nature gives such good gifts, even in winter.


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