Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Soups on...

I made a trek across South Dakota this weekend for a belated Thanksgiving.   Mom had shoulder surgery and I went home to help out.  I was immediately pleased that the patient seemed to be on the road to a successful recovery.   She didn't have a lot of pain and was following the doctor's orders.
Dad was doing a wonderful job of keeping her comfortable.  My father is a talented man.  Being a farmer/rancher you need to know a lot about a lot.  He runs a tight ship and the home place always looks sharp.  He raises good crops, great cattle and there is always a solid horse in the corral.  He has just one weakness, the kitchen.  The only thing any of us kids ever saw him make was oyster stew.  Don't get me wrong, it was always delicious, but that is the extent of his culinary repertoire.  The first thing I did when I went home was open the cupboard.  Now I know Mom wasn't feeling up to par and soup is encouraged for recovery, but I felt there was a need for sustenance.  Not just for Mom, but also the hired man.  (Please note all the cans of oysters).

I actually went back with a plan, freezer meals.  Enough for a week or so.  I made lasagna, meatloaf, turkey pot pie, and ham & cheese sliders.  I also made a turkey breast and mashed potatoes (a mini Thanksgiving meal).  The turkey would make good sandwiches to go with the soup.  We had some pumpkin pie and I made hot fudge pudding cake.  I labeled everything with marker, so Dad would know when to put it in and at what temperature.   A few calls back and so far nobody has a case of food poisoning.  I guess the hired man wants to know if I'm coming back this weekend.

I had to call Dad to ask for his recipe.  My siblings and I have been chuckling about the fact that none of us know how to make oyster stew.  I got some oysters this week and will give it a go.

 Dad's Oyster Stew

canned oysters
Heat to desired temperature

 It was a short but positive trip back.  It is always good to go home.  


  1. Oh you are a wonderful daughter. I am so happy to hear your Mom is doing well. Wonderful photos. Hug B

  2. I got a nice laugh at the cupboard. I keep some canned goods always on hand, but rarely any canned soups. I like to make them from scratch.


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