Sunday, December 14, 2014

That dog won't hunt...

Actually, it is the opposite.  Ella loves to hunt.  The problem is there aren't a lot of opportunities for her.  Since yesterday was perfect, we decided to see if we could find some of those grouse that were plentiful during deer hunting. 
 You have never seen a happier creature.  I am amazed at her natural instincts for hunting.  She made good tight circles and paid close attention to the wind.
 She kept an eye on Kelly and was so anxious to find something for him.  We did scare up a few rabbits, a giant bird of prey, and a squirrel.  No grouse.
 As you can see, that really didn't matter.  She was just happy to be out working.
It would have been nice to find her some birds, but the truth is it was still a great day to be out enjoying the weather and a happy hunting dog.  She wasn't quite as pleased about the bath she got today.


  1. Love seeing Ella work. what a great dog!

  2. I think it is just lovely! It looks like perfect weather and I can see that smile on her face.
    I think it would be a perfect day!

  3. What a great way to spend the last nice day before this cold front hit. What a beautiful sky you captured, Bonnie.

    Looks like Ella had a great day! It's fun to watch dogs express what they love to do. Rosie is a cow dog and loves to work cattle. When we feed cake she rides on the flatbed pickup and is so intense. When I ask Molly if she wants to go for a walk we jumps and spins in circles of excitement. It makes me laugh every time.

    Thank You for sharing Ella with us!

  4. Love that first shot, she looks like she is in her glory in all of them.

  5. Looks like a beautiful day, so nice to see after all that early snow you were hit with! I love your sky pics Bonnie!

  6. I'm eager to start hunting with a dog. I'm not sure what breed I want yet, still researching, and definitely love seeing Ella!

  7. DH's dad used to raise a few bird dogs, and DH said it was so funny to see them pointing at everything when they were pups.


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