Sunday, June 14, 2015

A walk in the garden...

Finally some flower photos...
The maroon columbine is insane.  It is like a weed. 
 The ajuga is intense and the bumblebees LOVE it.
 A miniature iris among the ajuga.

 The greenhouse is doing great.
 The camomile in the washtub is already blooming.
 The tomatoes, peas, broccoli, lettuce, peppers, and carrots are doing great.  There is also one hardy bok choi. 
 The parsley, asparagus, and volunteer garlic look wonderful.  I'm hoping the big leaves are borage, but I have a bad feeling it isn't.
 Peppermint, lettuce, and more volunteer garlic.
Chives, marjoram, actual planted garlic, little radishes and baby beets. 

Well, that is the garden.  I do have some sweet corn up.  I need to get some rosemary and thyme, as I lost mine this winter.  It is pretty wet here.  My beans still aren't up.  I do have some lemon cucumbers making an appearance.  My flower beds are struggling.  They need sunshine.   How does your garden grow?  Anything new you are trying this year?  I'm sticking to tried and true things this year.   


  1. The big leaves look like borage, but I would vote for a mustard. Snip off a little bit of leaf and do a smell test or a taste test. I have not had a problem yet with mini taste tests, but do not try mushrooms.

  2. Nice to see warm weather crops. Getting blooms on my tomatoes, and lots of blooms around the yard. Have had 7.5 inches of rain in 4 days, so weeds are my problem. That one plant looks like borage. I see you have the best temps in the lower 48. I made a pie from my cherries.mmmmm

  3. Garden much further along here. It's daylily and lily time now. Peas, lettuce and spinach are done and tomatoes are flowering. I've managed to keep the deer out this year.

  4. It's looking very springing and productive there. Your chamomile is enormous whereas mine is just starting, but it looks very promising. I just went and took photos of the garden progress today. I just picked some lovely breakfast radishes and will pick lettuce today or tomorrow. My newest plants are the luffa sponges, which are really a squash type plant that you let dry into a sponge at harvest. I do hope they produce even a few sponges.

  5. I love how well everything is growing. It looks so nice. I love your wheels. We had to down size a lot this year, but everyone int the country knows why, water-Calfiornia and all that jazz. Even though it is smaller, It is going crazy. So I am really happy. Not to mention, not near the work.
    If I have a bit of soil to play in I am very happy. I hope you have a lovely week.

  6. Wonderful clippings of your garden.All looks good...


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