Sunday, July 26, 2015

We are off to a great start...

 After plenty of visiting at our family reunion, I niece napped two of my four nieces.  We had a great drive back.  We saw antelope, fields of hay bales, and stopped to watch a mother fox as she sat on her den.  
 When we got home we hit the trails hiking to a high hilltop to see what we could see.  Then we read ourselves to sleep with the book Heidi.  We woke up the next day and did some serious pancake eating, before we hit the road.  Out at our prairie property we pulled weeds (unsuccessfully). 

We have been determined to make a wish and blow all of the seed pods off of a milkweed or dandelion.   We have failed miserably in getting all of the pods off, but very successful at dispersing weed seeds throughout the land.  

We looked at bugs...
and found some fabulous feathers.
Ella had a spa day.  She got got her nails clipped and a bath.  We stopped short of painting her toenails.

 We worked on our woodworking skills, by making our own walking sticks.  We sanded, learned how to use the woodburning kit, and painted them.   Then we took them on a trial run.  We are keeping track of our hikes, how long they are and how fast we go.  So far we are getting slower.  Stopping to look at tracks, petting tadpoles, and eating raspberries may be slowing us down.  Oh and the occasional photo shoot.

We still have many adventures planned.  We are going to be fishing, camping, swimming, hiking, and laughing or singing (or laughing at our singing).    It has been a grand time.  Did you ever spend the summer at someones house?  Who was it and what did you do?


  1. Oh yippee more adventures but I do not know how you are going to top these ones:) . It sounds lovely. I used to go to the city and stay with my grandmother that was a adventure of a different kind. Have fun. HUG B

  2. When my girls were young and my parents lived in WV I would take them there for a week of fun and I stayed too! We all have very fond memories of that especially now that both my parents are gone from this world. Looks like you are making wonderful memories for your nieces.

  3. Niece napping is good! Have so much fun!


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