Sunday, July 2, 2017

Pumpkins and projects...

 It was a wonderful weekend.  The flycatcher is nesting on the porch and she is always flitting around.  The chipmunks keep me entertained and Ella ever on alert.  She is always trying to catch them.  We don't know what she will do if she ever gets one.

 I have always said iris are nature's stained glass windows.  The sun really sets them off.  Below are the last blooms of my peonies.  They smell so devine.

I tried to capture all of the bees and bugs on the flowers.  They would not sit still.  There are three different types of bees in the rose above.  The poor bumble bee was stuck.  I had to help him out. 

 This is the last yellow rose and the bees and bugs were all over it.  I have no idea what that big ugly fellow is, but he was very photogenic.  The shot below isn't as good, but I had to show how many bugs were savoring the last of the rose.  I can't say I blame them.

 The peonies were so pretty this year.  This the first year I got blooms from the dark pink peony below.  I love taking close-up photos of the petals.  It is easy to get lost in their folds.

 I promised pumpkins and projects.  As you can see above I have a pumpkin on the roof of the greenhouse.  My project is also climbing related.  I planted a clematis at the bottom of our signpost.  A copper pipe was wrapped around the post for the clematis to attach to.  Problem is clematis want something smaller to wrap its tendrils on.  I saw this trellis on pinterest.  I took branches from some willow trees my husband pruned and cut them into 8 inch pieces.  I then took some sinew and tied the twigs about 3 inches apart.  I think the clematis will love it.  The big question is how long will it last?  Sorry, there is a lot of distracting stuff in the background.  It was impossible to just take a photo of the signpost.

The view from the porch is perfect.  The weather has been wonderful.  Not too hot and not too cold.  I've been able to watch the birds, bees, and blooms.  I hope summer is as enjoyable for you.  If you have any tips for growing big pumpkins, I would appreciate it.  


  1. Beautiful pictures! Your house is so charming. -Jenn

  2. What a lovely set of photos. Have you ever scratched a name or design in small pumpkins? It grows with them.Eating some walleye today for breakfast. MMMMM

  3. your flowers are really lovely today...cute buggies and beautiful sunshine!!!

    your home is perfect, warm and cozy. our skies and clouds have been amazing recently. we are experiencing hot and humid conditions right now...but it is july, this is what we expect!!

    have a wonderful long weekend!!!

  4. Is that an old water bowl on your sign post? Made into a bird bath perhaps? I never get tired of seeing pictures of your beautiful flowers, creative decor and your lovely home!!

  5. Your garden is always amazing! Happy 4th of July to you, XOXO

  6. Your flowers are beautiful. I love all of the vibrant color. Its just beautiful there. I bet you never want to leave. I don't think I would.
    I think growing big pumpkins is an art form all by itself. I keep feeding mine and mulching. The heat though and it seems like more this year for some reason seems so hard on the vines. I think you might have better luck. With the nice weather. Have a lovely evening.


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