Sunday, July 30, 2017

A week with Aunt Bonnie

I spent a few days with the nieces at their farm. Then loaded up a majority of them and brought them out for a week with Aunt Bonnie.  I look forward to their visit every year and try to come up with new and interesting things to do.
 My oldest niece loves to ride and she practiced with her horse Roo before we left.  I wish I could have rode also.
 The two littlest ones aren't old enough to come out for the whole week.  They were sure excited to show me that at three his sister taught him to ride the bicycle without training wheels.  

The oldest three came with me.  We spent the day feeding fish and playing in the creek at the Spearfish Fish Hatchery and park.  Complete with a picnic lunch.  
The next day was the annual "Aunt Bonnie's Hike from Hell."  We were going to Custer State Park to roam with the buffalo.  Unfortunately, the hike was rained out.  The girls did end up taking some wonderful photos of the wild life.  

 Baby buffalo photo by Taylor
 Antelope photo by Sierra
 Woodchuck photo by Sierra
 Buffalo Bull by Taylor

 Buffalo Calf by Haley
A day at the cabin is always filled with activities. We made jam, pies, and jello. We got the kitchen dirty then cleaned it up again. We had plenty of food ready for when their dad came with the two youngest.

I try to help the girls with 4-H projects when they come.  Taylor always makes jam, but we also try to make something using wood working or painting skills.  This year we combined them.  The two older ladies made birdhouses, while the youngest made a walking stick.

 Aunt Bonnie was very careful teaching them how to properly run the chop saw, sander and nail gun.  We measured once and then twice to make sure we got our cuts right.  We were very careful about where we put our hands and aimed the nail gun.  The girls paid careful attention and did a great job.  I was very proud that they made the birdhouses all by themselves.
 Meanwhile, too little to run the woodworking equipment, Haley sanded and sanded.  Photos by Sierra.

After the serious work was done, the fun began and they painted the houses to suit their taste.

The littlest two came and we immediately went for a hike.  It is a five hour drive to Aunt Bonnie's so getting out and stretching ones legs is important.
 We toured the gardens and played outside.  Then had a big meal.  The next day was a rodeo and parade.  Then a long drive home.  The house seems empty and quiet.  Next year we will have four.  Aunt Bonnie just needs to figure out how to fit them all in her Jeep.  I had tons of fun this year and can not wait for next year.
 Any ideas for projects next year?


  1. I think you must be a favourite aunt! I think the youngest girl, of the three who stayed with you, looks a lot like you! -Jenn

  2. It made me think of a birdhouse I had made and the annual ceremony of putting it up near the kitchen window for my mother. What a great time , I would enjoy going into Custer.

  3. What a fun post!! What a great group. It looks like you had such a fun time. I love those birdhouses.
    I love the kids photography. I have my grandsons this week into next week. I hope they have as much fun at your nieces did at your house.
    I enjoyed visiting, every thing made me smile. :)

  4. What a fun looking bunch! Sounds like a great week for everyone. Their smiles speak loudly! Measure twice, cut once...that's my Dad's line! :)

  5. What a great time was had by all including you! Too bad the live so far away.

  6. Looks and sounds like you are making amazing memories with you nieces and nephew, Bonnie. I think that is awesome! It's also something the kids will remember and cherish their entire life.

  7. sounds like so much fun, i wish you were my aunt!!! great captures of the wildlife...

    these are memories they will have forever!!!!

  8. I'd love a week with Aunt Bonnie! What an amazing time your family had, XOXO


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