Sunday, July 23, 2017

Buffalo berries?

If you haven't followed my blog, I am a berry picking fiend.  I love making jams, wines, and syrups from the bounty around me.  This year I am super excited as the buffalo berry bushes on our prairie property have berries.  Last year a late frost crushed all hopes of a harvest.  This year I see jam in my future.  Unfortunately, the area received golf to baseball sized hail.  I am not sure how things on our property fared.  We had just been out there to pick currants and check our game camera.  I can tell you my husband's pickup did not fare well.  It was a pretty terrifying experience being trapped in a pickup during a storm with hail that large.
 Things were peaceful, before all hell broke loose.  We had fawns all around us.  They really didn't care that we were there.  They were actually miffed that we were on their nicely mowed trails.  Little did they know, we mowed the trails for them.
 On the home front, I am busy with Juneberries and raspberries.  I don't think the raspberry harvest will be as good as last year.  Everything is a balance, as I didn't have any Juneberries last year.
 Besides the fawns, I met a few other friends picking berries.  I've never seen a baby Wooly Caterpillar.  He was adorable.

I'm berry picking like crazy.  That and the peas are ripening pretty quick.  What are you harvesting?


  1. We too are busy berry picking. Your Juneberries look a bit like our blueberries.
    That hailstorm sounds horrendous - I hope that the fawns were OK.

  2. Doesn't seeing woolly catapillers mean something? I can't remember my weather lore. The berries are wonderful. I do love it when its time to pick berries. What a lovely kind. I have never seen those before.
    I am still picking tomatoes and cucumbers. The cucumbers are about done though. I hope you have a great week.

  3. Tomatoes,cukes, summer squash and a few peppers .Think that is a Tussock moth larvae.

  4. I hope the pick up wasn't damaged by the hail. I'm sure the noise was scary enough. No more harvests for us since we moved last year. I enjoy reading about yours.


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