Sunday, September 3, 2017

Just humming along...

It is dry and smokey around here.  We are in need of some rain.  The smoke from the Montana fires are a bit smothering.
It may be dry, but this sweet fella keeps my gardens well watered.  He makes sure the gardens are fruitful and I am thankful for him.  It is because of his care that the gardens are successful.
If you look closely there is a chipmunk tail hanging out of the bird house that was occupied by bumblebees.   I don't know if the bees moved out or they are living in harmony.  All I know is that dang birdhouse has housed everything but a bird.   Below is my favorite photography subject the hummingbird moth.  He has such a determined look on his face.  I love taking photos of this little fella.  They love the phlox.  

 My peaches and cream phlox is a perfect backdrop for both the hummingbird moth and the humming bird itself.   Sitting still on the porch provides such a plethora of action.  I am super pleased with the photo below.  

 My hummingbird is quite the conversationalist.  She sits in the tree squeaking for twenty minutes before she goes to the feeders.   
 The late season blooms are keeping the bees going.  They love the Maximilian Sunflowers and Purple Coneflowers.  They have been super busy this summer, I can't wait to taste the fruits of their labor.

I picked my tomatoes, carrots, borage, peppers, and lemon cucumbers added some ranch dressing, dill, and celery seeds.  The combination with some salt and pepper made for a wonderful salad.  I also put a cucumber in some water for some refreshing cucumber water.  

 I am thankful for so many things.  I am a lucky woman and happy with the life I have chosen.  I hope you are also enjoying your life and the people within it that make it great.  Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend.


  1. The photo of the hummingbird moth in flight is fantastic. The salad looks just the sort of thing that I'd enjoy.

  2. Hi Bonnie! Wow! That is an amazing photograph of the hummingbird moth! Well done!
    We can still enjoy our gardens for a while. When I was teaching school I had to hang up my gardening gloves early, but now I can dig around for longer.
    My neighbor's birdhouse attracts wrens. She doesn't even feed the birds. I think I'll get a birdhouse and hope for the best next year.
    I hope the fires get under control. This has been such a dry and fire-y year.

  3. Nice shots I am filling hummingbird feeders today, getting lots of traffic. Love that phlox, I need to get some.Tree swallows occupied many bluebird houses, and then have left early leaving empty homes.Saw my 1st flock of ducks early this morning on a nearby pond.It was cloudy and still dark so I couldn't tell what kind.They took off when I went back.

  4. Love that first photo of the hummingbird next to the phlox though at first I thought it was a holly hock flower. Gorgeous nevertheless.

  5. Oh wow! Your pictures are great!! I love the one of the hummingbird moth. You're right..he looks very determined! The next one could be an award winner, I think. What a great shot of the hummer. I have never had one here. :( So I'll enjoy everyone else's pictures.

  6. Always love coming to your blog--your life is so interesting and gives me a glimpse into the area you live. Happy Fall, XOXO

  7. you've got a good man there by your side! Loving all the photos of flowers and moth. So pretty! I'd like a bit of your salad too. My tomatoes are still not ripe!


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