Sunday, September 10, 2017

Butterflies and bees...

My sedum is starting to bloom.  Much to the delight of my butterflies and bees.  I took several good photos today.  
 I love that you can see him probing the flowers.
 It has been so dry that the leaves are turning, despite the fact we were one of the few who escaped the first frost of the year.

 Above is a young fuzzy bumblebee and below is a busy honeybee.
 Here are all of the bees hanging out at the local water hole.  They are not very nice when the poor birds try to take a bath or get a drink.  
There isn't much else going on.  Just wishing we would get a rain.  Are the leaves turning where you are?  Are you getting rain?   Hope all is well and you are all easing into fall.


  1. I would gladly give you some of our rain if I could. Funny, I was walking around outside today and noticed bees on my autumn joy sedum as well. -Jenn

  2. The leaves are turning, but mostly they are just dropping because of how dry it's been all summer. We did get some soft rain on Saturday that lasted an hour or so, but other than that, none for months. Those are some great shots of bees and butterflies!

  3. Hi! I haven't been around blogland for a while and forgot how much I love your blog. I especially loved the post about your nieces visiting. What an awesome aunt you are! That was very inspiring and I intend to be a better aunt to my nieces and nephew!

  4. Forgot to say re: fun things to do with kiddos - painting sticks! A bouquet of painted sticks is awesome looking! Also, make a stick loom for them to weave nature into. Here is a link to a loom that was made/filled by a little boy I mentor at school..., he also painted a tall, forked branch, then is going to weave in between the forks. It looks really awesome, but I don't have a picture.

  5. What fantastic photos! And yes, our leaves are beginning to change. We too could use a good shower - and not just 'cause we stink 😉

  6. Lots of butterflies here, chased painted ladies all week. Had my Prairie Awakening program last night. released a rehabbed Red tail and a mass release of tagged Monarchs by the children. Lots of dance and chants, with stories told by elders.

  7. Great close up shots of your sedum and the critters enjoying them! The leaves aren't changing here quite yet. But we've had TONS of rain all summer long...the most I remember in any recent summer.

  8. You took a good shot of the bees! They look so cute.
    I like the colour of your sedum.
    In Germany we actually do get a lot of rain.

  9. The dogwood is turning their beautiful red and some of the maples. We finally have low humidity and enjoying the coming of Fall. Your photos are always so lovely and makes me smile, XOXO


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