Sunday, September 24, 2017

Fall in Minnesota...

It is hard to believe that it is fall in Minnesota.  The temperatures have been in the 90's.  Yes, I said 90's. I took a walk in the park with my mother-in-law this morning, while it was still cool.  It was a perfect time for a walk with good company.  The colors were vivid and the smells were rich.
This caterpillar is a beautiful hue.  I had a hard time getting him to sit still for his portrait.
No photo collage of Minnesota would be complete without at least one picture of a barn.

My mother-in-laws flowers still look grand.
The sun sets over a field of corn.

 We are on our way home tomorrow.  The weather report warns us of snow showers.  A little bit of a contrast from the heat wave here.  We had a great visit with family, before winter arrives.  What is your weather?


  1. Love your pictures, as usual! :) The picture of the barn beyond the bean ? field is stunning! We've been having unseasonably warm weather here too. This weekend, temps have been close to 90 degrees and humid. I'm ready for real fall weather!

  2. We've essentially gone from triple digits to snow in a two week span. Next two weeks are supposed to be 70's which will be a nice change.

  3. Lovely photos. Our weather is damp and dull but at least we don’t have any snow on the horizon hopefully not for some months if at all.
    The caterpillar didn’t even treat you to a smile did it?

  4. It has been summer here still, but thankfully cooler in the 60's on
    Saturday.I am putting on a suit that day and saying I Do.

  5. It's rainy here today, but it's a nice change. Lovely photos!

  6. We're still having warm days, but less humidity. I so enjoyed seeing the monarch caterpillars on my milk weed (Asclepsia) and know they'll come to visit again. Your trip sounded wonderful, XOXO

  7. I like the barn picture!
    There is also fall in Germany. 15 to 20°C during the day and under 10°C in the night. I think 90°F is about 40°C?! Here it's not very warm any more but also not yet cold during the day. The mornings are mostly foggy. It's a a nice time and flowers like asters and mums still blossoming.

  8. Are the house and barn off a highway near Rochester? I've seen this place!


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