Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Back at the ranch...

I am late blogging, as I went home for a visit.  I had a great time with my parents.  As usual, my dad took me on a photo safari.  These are some photos from around the place. 
 My parents put up a bunch of wren houses.  Two of them are posted on the chutes.  I guess the wrens put up quite a racket when they work cattle.
 We don't get any tumbleweeds in the hills and I must admit I kind of miss them.
 My mother's flowers are amazing.  They were overflowing.  Despite a frost they were still doing great.  

  I saw this hawk on our adventures.  Then Dad took me to see the turkeys a friend of his had carved.  They sit outside of my grandfather's old cabin.  You can see more of Craig's carvings at his facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Danelboones/ .

Of course, how could you tour a ranch without observing some contented South Dakota cattle?  My Dad's heifers were lazing in the sun and very content.  The horses also looked pretty happy with life. 

 I'm really proud of Mom's flowers.  When we were growing up she was too busy with kids and vegetable gardens.  Now her flower beds are fabulous.  

The Painted Ladies have stolen the show in recent months.  I did have to put this pretty yellow butterfly in the spotlight.  They really liked the Russian Sage.  

I have more photos from this weekend's trip.  I don't go back often enough.  It is amazing how fast time flies.  It was good to visit my parents.  On the way home I stopped and my grandmother and I had a great time sharing recipes and talking baking.  She is in her 90's and still makes cookies and bread.  I have to say I appreciated the cookies she sent with me for the road.  Thanks Grandma:)

It was satisfying to go home.  I hope everyone had as pleasant a weekend.  


  1. How I envy you. I wish I still had my parents to cost. Make the most of them while you have them

  2. Beautiful photos, as usual! I love seeing your part of the country...it's so different from around here. I was trying to choose a favorite photo, and while it wasn't easy, I just might choose the one of the contented cattle. They look like they haven't a care in the world! Your Mom's flowers are gorgeous!

  3. Your mom certainly has a green thumb! That's great that your grandmother is still going strong at 90. I always like to hear about people who are still thriving despite age. -Jenn

  4. Sounds like a great visit. It always feels good to go home - where you know each dip in the road or turn of a corner. I love the birdhouse on the chute. I bet they do raise a fuss.

  5. I have seen that tumbleweed fly 60 ft high carried by a dust devil. Those turkeys are amazing, I have never seen any as nice.Had fried green tomatoes for breakfast, getting ahead of them before it frosts. Still no warnings even here.Belize is nice if you are within a group. It is so poor, robbing a person is common.We were restricted with travel and only groups with a guide were allowed to go deep. Beautiful area to dive and snorkel.I looked at teaching geography in Honduras at a private school years back and was offered a shared house and 415 a month.Belize is even poorer.I have not been to Panama yet, but have visited all the other Central American countries.Most Latinos described as "Mexican" here in the Midwest are usually Central Americans.

  6. Oh, it's so good to go home. Your parents must be hard workers. How lovely that Granny made cookies. I think I'll bake some now.

  7. What a nice visit you had at home. How far a drive is it for you?

  8. The flower beds are gorgeous and I can see where you get your green thumb and love of nature! Beautiful photos and I should make some cookies too, XOXO


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