Sunday, October 1, 2017

We be jamming...

As always, I spent the weekend going full bore.  I roasted tomatoes, shoveled compost, took a fall walk, picked apples, and made jam.   Wow, now that I think about it I am quite tired.
I didn't have enough tomatoes to can, so I tried something different.  I quartered them, covered them in olive oil, and sprinkled them with basil, oregano, and rosemary.  My oven wasn't working, so my brilliant husband grilled them for an hour.  Yumm.

I'm a bit concerned about my hummingbird.  It is October first and she is still here.  I brought in my glass feeders.  There is still a plastic one outside.  I have never had one stay this long.  I'm afraid she will freeze.
I continue to harvest goodies from the garden.  I can't wait to roast more tomatoes.
The butterflies are still around.  Luckily I have a few flowers left for them.  The deer normally stay away from the front flowers, but this year they were brave and ate things down.

Of course who needs flowers when you have fall colors.

Ella and I went for a walk.  This little buck was very curious about our comings and goings.

The Black Hills is known for gold.  This is a lesser known gold.
I think I am richer with this gold.  The colors are enhanced by the earthy scents and the rustling of leaves.

This is one of the biggest hornet's nests I've ever seen.  Trust me I used the zoom to capture it.  We have had a problem with waps swarming in the cabin.  We cannot find where they are coming from.
I'm still moving compost.  It is wonderful to have plenty of soil to enhance the beds.
Sunday was wet and windy.  I stayed inside to make raspberry jam and buffalo berry jelly.  I also racked my chokecherry wine and made a batch of raspberry wine.  The kitchen was busy.

Have you made any jams or jellies this year?  Are the leaves changing?  Have you had many hornets this year?


  1. I don't think I've ever seen a hornet's nest like that one! Gorgeous Black Hills Gold you've got there. We turn golden here too. Not much red color. I made plum jam and apple butter this fall. Jam on!

  2. I was going to just eat some of your jam, yo seem to have a good touch.My oldest makes lots, but sells a lot. Blue Damsom plum is a favorite.

  3. Oh your autumn colors are gorgeous. And your harvest looks great. I finally had a little time to dig in the garden yesterday. It's such rewarding work- dug the spuds that weren't growing in the potato patch 😊 Also got 14 more jars of tomato sauce done - yum.

  4. Autumn looks wonderful in your area!
    I decided to harvest many of my Jalapenos and tried out Jalapeno jam. A recipe which I found in a recipe book for burgers. I still have a little Habanero plant with many fruits. Made Habanero salt ... wow!!! Do you have another recipe idea for them?

  5. Autumn is way ahead of us in your region! I made some apple cider jelly a few weeks ago and still have plans to do pear butter and pumpkin butter. Those tomatoes look wonderful and I bet they tasted so good coming off the grill. Happy Fall!


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