Sunday, October 22, 2017

Wild verses Civilized

Last weekend my dad took me on photo safari to the North Bend on the Missouri River.  We live by the West Bend.  The North Bend Recreation area is a long slow hill down to the Missouri River.  The drainage is known as Chaney Rush.  The area is wild and unpredictable.  We questioned our sanity when we began down the road and our pickup started sliding on the gumbo.  Once committed there was no turning back.  I wish the panorama did better justice to the drive. 

 Living there had to be hard.  The roads are gumbo and I'm sure the area was dangerous.  Floods, fire, and winter winds must have made for a tough life.
 When my father was a kid, he would help his grandfather work cattle in the now abandon corrals.  
From the vantage point above you can barely see West Bend on the other side of the river.  Below is the view from West Bend towards North Bend.  North Bend is wild and unpredictable while West Bend is developed and civilized.
 The West Bend boat dock has a beautiful bay area for the boat ramp and well maintained camping areas.

 The camping areas are paved and have electricity.  The place is trimmed, mowed, and maintained.  
I have to say that my preference is the wild and unpredictable.  Which side is your favorite?


  1. Oh funny. I think it depend upon which day you ask? I usually prefer the least populated places. That little ol' home looks idyllic to me.

  2. Oh wow...I've never seen anything quite like that! I must admit I'd probably choose the developed and least in your area. It still seems rather undeveloped compared to the Bos-Wash that we live in!! I'm not quite adventurous enough for the wild and unpredictable, although it is beautiful!
    What is gumbo?

  3. It's beautiful. I'd want the "civilized" side during winter for sure!

  4. They both have their own beauty but I would want to live in the civilised part.

  5. What a wonderful wide country! I would love to visit the wild and lonely side, but not to live there.
    Thanks for this photo safari.


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