Sunday, May 6, 2018

My big year...

 Gumbo Lily was talking about it being a big year for her and the grands when it came to bird watching.  This seems to be my big bird watching year.  Again I have logged a new bird, but first lets see my old visitors returning.  The white-crowned sparrow above sounds like a freight train going through the woods.  An elephant would make less noise.
 The spotted towhee is very pretty, but his call leaves a lot to be desired.  It is the worst screeching noise I've ever heard.  I had three last year, but so far he is the only one to return.

 This beauty is my newest addition. It is a sharp-shinned hawk.   Not to be confused with the Cooper's hawk.  It took forever to identify.  It came down to the tail feathers.  The sharp-shinned tail feathers are squared or forked, while the Cooper's is rounded.  It was a beautiful bird and I was so happy to have time to take some photos.  Of course, you can see below that I wasn't as happy about where he perched.  He flew off before picking any birds out of my feeder.
It didn't take long for the birds to return.  This house finch was trying hard to look sassy for the ladies.  I was overjoyed when I saw a chickadee checking out the new birdhouse.  Unfortunately,  I don't think it moved in.  Maybe if I put a screen in front of the hole he would peck his way in.  

I got a ton of bird watching and gardening done this weekend.  I am overjoyed that spring is finally here.  I have logged 49 birds at our cabin since building.  I just need one more this year to hit 50.   I know I will keep my camera on the porch, because you never know who is going to fly through.  I hope you all had as wonderful a weekend as I did.  


  1. You must use a wonderful camera. Those are great pictures. I am not familiar with the towhee. It must not be in our part of the world. -Jenn

  2. Your bird pictures are great! I have house finches in my hanging baskets on the porch. I hand angel wing begonias every year, and on the first day...last year it was within the first 10 minutes!...I had an egg. They then built their nest around the egg, and now there's a second nest in the next basket. I love to hear their chirping!
    I'm glad your spring is finally arriving! You must be so very ready for it!

  3. What a lovely group of birds. I had a Sharp shinned get caught in our mist net while banding birds once, and it was scary getting it out with welding gloves . They are fast flying in and silent.

  4. Lovely birds. The house finch looks like our redpoll.

  5. Fabulous photos Bonnie! I loved your idea of screening in the new bird house so the chickadees could peck through and live there! Sometimes I guess we make it too easy! ~smile~ I'm glad you're doing a Big Year!


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