Sunday, May 20, 2018

Never say never...

 Three years ago, on a whim, I decided to try and make dandelion wine.  I thought it would be simple.  Just pick a bunch of dandelions and throw them in some sugar and yeast.  Of course nothing is easy.  Research says you have to separate the green from the petals.  This is not an simple task and it makes your thumbnails look like they have been burned.   I swore I would never do that again.  Then four months later I tasted the wine.  It was amazing.   Now the yearly dandelion de-petaling tradition begins.  It took five hours to get five cups of petals.  This isn't work for the faint of heart or weak of back.  My goal is to make two batches this year.  I am actually hoping for dandelions in the orchard.   I have learned that one should never say never, because you never know:)
I have a few more birds for the bird list.  I also saw two oven birds.  The fourth new bird this year.  I was not able to get a photo of them.  Below are a few more birds to add to my 2018 bird count.
Black Headed Grosbeak
 Pine Siskin
 Hairy Woodpecker

 Western Tanager
 I can't help but take a million photos of the Western Tanager.  They are so vivid.  I also enjoy his song.  It was a great bird watching weekend.  With one exception, I cannot get a good photo of the nuthatches.  It is like they know I'm trying to get a photo of them.  My checkered lilies are blooming like crazy.  They have even reseeded themselves into the forest.

This was my weekend project.  My brother made this little toad house.  I put it on a bed of moss and surrounded it with some stones from Denmark.  I think it makes a nice display.   I wish we had toads here.  I would be in seventh heaven. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 


  1. I would be taking a lot of pictures of the Western Tanager, too, if it came to our area! That little toad house is darling. I have never made nor tasted dandelion wine. We have a ton of dandelions, however. -Jenn

  2. We don't have toads here but I think its because its too hot and dry. That surprises me. I love the little house. Your wine sounds amazing.
    I love all of the different kinds of birds that you have. Its been a weird year, not as many coming through as in years past.
    I hope you have a lovely week.

  3. LOVE the birds! That tanager is amazing! I've only seen one in my life. Maybe I'll get to see one again this year since I'm counting! Ha ha! I have never seen the checkered lily. It's beautiful! So kind of them to reseed themselves. Happy Spring!

  4. It is no surprise to me that despite the labor, you've continued on with dandelion wine. You make excellent wine! I, also cannot get a decent picture of nuthatches. I just love those little dudes. I think they have so much personality. I see them in the winter more, but they tend to follow the chickadee's around so maybe I'll be lucky enough to see them again in the warmer season. Happy Monday!

  5. Lots of work for a bit of wine. I have tried some at a amish store only to find it was just a flavored grape wine as were their other 40 wines.that tanager rocks, a friend had one down here at her feeder.I am watching a lot of Scarlet ones. Too high for toads, I could mail you one LOL

  6. I've never had DL wine - maybe I shouldn't try it :-). Your bird pix are beautiful!

  7. I could supply you with barrowfuls of dandelions if you live closer. You do have some beautiful birds.

  8. Your bird pictures are so vivid! I just love the western beautiful!! Jim has made dandelion wine with a recipe that he got from an old Amish neighbor...but he was disappointed in the outcome. Maybe we should try your recipe? You're so right...separating the yellow from the rest of the flower is quite tedious and time consuming!

  9. I always admire your bird pics, Bonnie! Never heard about the Western Tanager, but it is a very beautiful bird!


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