Sunday, June 16, 2019

Quick as a fox...

Summer is slipping by quick as a fox.  It is the middle of June already and my tulips are just now blooming.  My rhubarb is a bit stunted, but it made a very good rhubarb cake.  
We have plenty of dandelions this year.  I've already made two batches of dandelion wine.   I'm getting a lot faster at taking the petals off.  I was lucky if I could get 5 cups of petals in a day.  I'm now getting 8 cups in half a day.  I enjoy sitting on the porch watching the world go by while filling up my bowl full of petals.   Every now and again the the hummingbird swings through for a few sips from the feeder.   It slows this fast moving spring down a little.   My older sister was out and we enjoyed the concerts in Deadwood.  At least until we got rained out.   We really haven't had much warm weather yet.  I could really use a little sunshine.

What is the weather like in your corner of the world?   What is blooming in your garden?


  1. The weather is poor here too - wet and cold. We get lots of dandelions, they are not out at the moment but when they are I could send you a bucketful.

  2. You were quick to get that fox picture! The summer season is very late here, as well. It has been extremely rainy and cool. The upside is that everything is huge and green. -Jenn

  3. Its been a different kind of summer. Nice, and I am not complaining but not as hot in the last five years. In fact, for us pretty normal.
    I am impressed you were able to get that fox picture. We have some extremely rare foxes that have moved in here. I can get them on the game cam but not on my camera. It sounds like you are having a nice summer. That is a lot of flowers. Good for you. It makes me happy you are using those to make wine. Have a lovely week.


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