Sunday, June 9, 2019

Spring has sprung...

We are done with snow.  Now it is just rain.  Lots of rain.  Everything is soused.  

 This poor turkey looks pretty disheveled.  It took awhile, but we did finally get some sunny days and the trees and grass turned a vivid green.  Still they could not compare to the colors of the Western Tanager.  This is one of my favorite birds.  He always looks so dapper.  

 I was able to get some gardening in last weekend.  My husband, as always, was quick with the camera.   I took a few photos myself.  The wagon he restored for me really stands out in the yard.  
 A day after putting up my feeders, I had a hummingbird.  I am surprised that it has stayed quite regular.  Generally they don't stay around until August.  I took the red food coloring out after it showed up.  
 I miss Out on the Prairie.  He could tell me what type of butterfly this is.   I enjoyed watching it sun itself on the blocks.  It was as happy as the rest of us for some sunshine.
 I think this may be the same hummingbird that stayed late into October a few years ago.  Although it isn't as chirpy, it is sitting in all the same places.   It seems to be taking a nap. 
Do you have any hummingbirds where you are?  How about turkeys or tanagers?  What birds do you look forward to seeing every year?


  1. The butterfly is called a red admiral here in the UK The tanager is a stunning bird and the cart loos wonderful.

  2. I'm so glad your snow is gone! We have many wild turkeys where we are. Sometimes you have to slow down on the road to let a couple cross. We have hummingbirds - just one kind. They come to my feeder and sometimes they fight over it, doing these amazing arcs in the air and chirping. No tanagers - I wish! -Jenn

  3. No more bird feeders here on 11th floor. Woman below does have a hummer feeder so we see them occasionally. On the first floor below us the woman has a feeder that the blue jays love. Mostly I enjoy watching the larger birds making lazy circles or flying by.

  4. Hooray for spring!! Oh, how I would love to have a hummingbird! I've never seen one here...maybe too many dogs and cats around perhaps? I know some of my neighbors have them. You always get the best pictures of the most colorful birds...thanks for sharing them!

  5. i do not see Tanagers here, your image is GORGEOUS!!! i get lots of hummingbirds here in central new jersey and it is probably the bird i look forward to seeing each spring!!!


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