Sunday, June 23, 2019


I got to watch my nieces rodeo this weekend.  It brought back a lot of memories. Only there were a few major differences.  One it was cold.  I don't ever remember a cold rodeo.  100 degrees, I remember that and lots of dust.  Second, there were actually bathrooms with running water.  I remember outhoses without toilet paper.  Anyway, seeing the girls made for a fun day.
 Note to self, next time take the group photo at the beginning of the day when we are fresh as daisies.  Not at the end when we are sunburnt and grimy.
 Taylor running the barrels above and Sierra below.
 Haley running the junior junior barrels.  It was a wild ride.
 Haley in the goat un-tying.  She needs to take the ribbon off of the goat's tail and the goat is ready.

 Sierra is roping above and Taylor is below.

Dad giving some last minute advice.  The girls did good for their first rodeo of the year.  It was great watching them.  
 Finally, I am close to finishing one of my projects.  Someone in town had two big wheels for sale at a reasonable price.  I snatched them up immediately.  My garden fence is close to being finished.  These are preliminary ideas.  I'm very excited about putting this project to bed. Ha:)

It was a super busy weekend.  I don't think I was still for more than a few minutes.  Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised when my husband started up the fire pit and we relaxed for a bit Saturday night.  Nothing say summer like roasted marshmallows.

Have you ever rodeoed or been to one?  Have a great week.


  1. Never been to a rodeo. I always thought they were rather dangerous affairs but if the nieces are participating maybe they are tamer than I thought.

  2. The fence is fascinating and I am in awe of your nieces

  3. ooooh how great and you got some awesome pictures. i have never rodeoed (you may have guessed that) and i have also never been to one. i would like to after reading this!!

    i like how you ended the day!!

    pretty girls, you all look alike!!!

  4. Oh what fun! I too have 3 nieces who've all grown up horseback (just as we did.) Middle niece is the most rodeo oriented. Fun to watch, but glad I'm not out there in the heat and dust.


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