Sunday, September 15, 2019


 I had a wonderful Monday brunch with Phyllis and Bob.  It is a yearly tradition.  We always trade goods.  Phyllis makes me the best dish cloths and pot holders.  She also keeps an eye open for things I can use.  Last year it was a picnic basket and this year it was a bread box.  I reciprocate with homemade jams and sweet grass braids.  I wasn't certain what I could use the breadbox for as my kitchen is quite small.  Then I had an epiphany.  It would make the perfect seed box.  It fits on my garden bench.  I can keep my seeds without worrying about mice getting them.  I love it.

We got our peck of peaches on Friday. I don't know if I will get any canned.  We are eating them like crazy.  I also got plums and pears.  Plenty to keep me busy.  I made some bacon jam and plum jelly.  With the warm weekend I got a couple of projects out of the way.  The sidehill behind our barn is planted with raspberries.  When I planted it I made a little set of stairs to the bottem of the hill.  Today I made a set of stairs on the other side.  Now I can just make a picking loop.  Sometimes it's the little things that keep me happy.

 Aren't the colors beautiful?  The sun was hitting the butterfly just right.  Below was the sunrise I saw deer hunting.  I didn't see any deer, but it was a beautiful morning.

 I have been busy harvesting tea herbs and sweetgrass.  My garden is a disaster except for my herbs.  I did end up with 12 Bunches of sweetgrass for braids. They just need to dry a little.

All in all it has been a busy week.  What are you harvesting?  Have you ever smelled a sweetgrass braid?  Wasn't the full moon wonderful?


  1. Good morning to you! Just want you to know I love your blog and enjoy reading about all the interesting things you do! IMHO you live in paradise! I've always wanted a log home but the closest I've come is the cedar-sided one hubby & I live in now. LOL! Have a great day!

  2. No canning here. My daughter has been doing it like crazy in NH: pears, plums, crabapples. Love that last photo of your home.

  3. The stairs would make me happy too! I haven't smelled a sweetgrass braid, but interestingly enough, I have a book, "Braiding Sweetgrass" by Robin Wall Kimmerer which I plan to finish reading this winter. I love the last picture of your beautiful home.

    1. I just finished reading "Braiding Sweetgrass." It was a very sad, but very good book.

  4. I’ve never smelled sweet grass, I don’t think we have it here. Our sky was an incredible colour on Saturday night.

  5. Harvest is always so busy but so wonderful also. I like your garden stairs. They are useful and attractive. :-)

  6. love that breadbox, what a great idea.


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