Sunday, September 22, 2019

Millions of peaches...

Actually, there aren't millions of peaches.  We ate them all.  We couldn't help it they were just too good.  This year I only got one box because we wanted to try some plums and pears.  The plums weren't great, but the pears we're good.  The problem is who eats pears when you have peaches?  Anyway, I only canned four jars of peaches and five jars of pears.  I also made some pear wine, which is absolutely fabulous.  My cucumber jelly is in high demand, so I made another batch.  It was a busy weekend.  I also made some peach cobbler.  There isn't a photo, because we ate that too.  Are you getting the feeling those peaches are really good?  

I don't have much else.  We went hunting this evening.  I saw a lot of deer, but not close enough to shoot with a bow.  Oh well.  It's nice to just sit quietly.

 Peaches and Cream Hollyhocks have to be one of my favorite flowers.  They are always in full bloom when the peaches are ripe.
 I am still getting raspberries.  Don't they look grand?
 My Naustraums are stellar this year.  The colors are very vibrant.  Although they are edible, I don't enjoy their flavor.

 We have had a lot of rain and these mushrooms are all over the lawn.  They are the perfect mushroom.
What is blooming in your garden?  Would you rather have the perfect pear or peach?  Hope you had a great weekend.


  1. We ate delicious peaches this year purchased from farmers market. No canning here though.

  2. i LOVE your new header picture, it is beautiful!! i got the feeling the peaches were good...were they great this year?? hehehehehe

    i wish i lived closer and you could teach me to can, i would love to learn that skill!!

    your flowers are gorgeous and you have a lot blooming. in my gardens, the vincas and roses are still gorgeous. i bought some pretty mums at the garden center too, they are really pretty!!

    and i'm with you, i would rather have the perfect peach!!

  3. I’d love a perfect peach but ours were anything but perfect!

  4. What a delightful post with so much gorgeous color! I love the hollyhocks and the naustraums. I have grown both in the past but not this year. For reasons out of my control, I can only eat pears, so pears it is for me. But, there's really nothing so delicious as a tree-ripened peach. Back in my teenage years I worked in a peach shed culling peaches and will never get that sweet smell out of my memory.


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