Sunday, September 29, 2019

Fabulous Fall...

 Fall is always such a busy time of year.  I've been harvesting the little that I have to harvest.  Two pumpkins, some small ears of sweet corn, and peppers.  The only things I've had great luck with this year are my herbs.  Yesterday the weather was so terrible that I hurridly brought all of my herbs inside.  My basils went nuts this year.  We also picked the apples and crabapples.  I left quite a few for the birds, as most were pretty scarred from hailstorms.

This year I tried roasting my peppers and freezing them.  I have to say they are as good as broiled tomatoes.  Yumm...

 I still have quite a few flowers blooming.  My butterfly garden looks great.

The fall fog rolled in fast.  Another weekend came and went as quickly.  I was glad we were able to get the lawn mowed.  I think we set a new record this year.  We mowed every week except for two.  Are you enjoying your fall?  Did you mow a lot?


  1. I am ready to be done mowing for the season. I've been trying to get the garden cleaned up for winter. First snow in the mountains yesterday- not sure I'm ready for that yet(September!)

  2. Those pretty little pots filled with herbs needed to come inside. Aren't they all so pretty setting there with Bear and his pot of honey? I don't think I have ever mowed as much as I have this year. I am so looking forward to putting that old mower away for awhile.

  3. I am enjoying our fall here in the PNW, our fall rains returned early which means I don't have to water the garden any more. But it does interfere with getting more stuff planted out. I have perennial seedlings that I wanted to get in the ground before our first freeze, but last night the temps actually went down to 35, which is crazy for this part of the country this early. We'll see how the rest of fall goes.

  4. It’s really wet here so not really enjoying it at all.

  5. we are still waiting for fall here, i think it has passed over us!!! your home always looks so beautiful, the clear lights are so pretty and i love the fog!!!


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