Sunday, January 26, 2020

Four falling feathers...

A busy, but pretty quiet weekend.  My husband worked in his barn.  He is partitioning off a portion for a woodshop.  Meanwhile, I cleaned house and worked on my quilt.  I have four feathers on and two left.  I'm super happy with my progress.  
Winter definitely seems to go a little faster with a project or two in the mix.  I probably won't be saying that by March, but I'll hold onto that philosophy for now. What are you doing to keep busy?


  1. I think we are doing to get stuck in ti some decorating

  2. you read my "winter bordem" post, so you know what i am doing!! i love winter, but i am still waiting for snow!!

  3. bonnie, you said on my blog that you are not creative, THAT IS NOT TRUE!!!!


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