Sunday, January 12, 2020


Thankful.   That is my word for 2020.  Last Friday I held a retirement party for a very good friend.  The picture above is the group of people that were at Boxelder Job Corps when I started.   I have learned something from every single person in this picture.  They are all friends, mentors, and a wealth of knowledge.  We have been through a lot together.  Some have long since retired.  Some were here this year when the government fired us in May and it was my job to look all of our staff in the eye and tell them it was over.  Then the government decided to keep us at the end of June.   Still, we move forward.   We had several breaks in our water pipes before Thanksgiving and again we were on the brink of closure.  Still, we move forward.  This year we lost five former students to various tragedies.  Yet still, we move forward.  We got together that Friday.  We laughed and at the end we cried. I don't talk a lot about my job.  It is stressful.  We deal with youth from poverty.  Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.  The wins are worth it, but the losses are heartbreaking.  I couldn't have a better job and I have been lucky enough to work with some incredible people.  The gentleman third from the end, in the cap, once told me, "learn something from every person you meet, no matter if they are your best friend or your greatest enemy."  I have always remembered and try to apply that advice.  A huge thank you to these people and the impact they have made on my life.  I'm blessed.

On the home front, I've been keeping busy.  I bottled 10 bottles of plum wine.  It turned out pretty good.  I have been finishing a feather a week on my quilt.  I've been coyote/lion hunting every weekend.  I haven't seen anything, but it is great sitting outside.  Finally, I've been trying my hand at making porcipine quill earrings.  It is harder than it looks.  I now wish I had more quills.  I'm getting better with each attempt.  It is fun sitting on the couch beading.  Funny how those little beads escape.

Ella and I are still going for our weekly jaunts.  Today was absolutely beautiful.  What projects have you finished so far this year?  Are you getting outside and enjoying the winter?  I hope so.  It is beautiful out there.


  1. What a great story about your work and coworkers. Those quill earrings! Wow! I've only ever pulled them out of dog noses/faces, never thought of putting them to use. I now have 35 blocks of my quilt done (need 136 so "only" 101 more 😂)

  2. There was a Job Corps site not far from where I used to love. Maybe you now it? Woodstock Job Corps in Woodstock, MD. They used to have a Christmas gathering and would invite the neighborhood. The community association would give gifts in return.
    What would you do if you shot a mountain lion or coyote?

  3. To learn something from everyone we meet is a good thing to remember. You are to be commended for the oh-so-important work you do! And wow, what a beautiful place you live!


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