Sunday, March 21, 2021


 Finally, there has been progress.  The weather warmed.  My rose bed and the front flower beds melted off.  I was able to go in and clean them out.  Luckily, there were no signs of any garden pests.

It feels like we are coming down the homestretch.  Once the earth is showing and soaking in the sun the snow melts pretty quickly.

The other progression is my nephew's quilt.  Today I finished quilting.  I'm not quite finished in these photos, but it is done.  All that is left is the binding.  I really enjoyed this one.

It feels good to be moving forward.  Hopefully, the weather will stay consistently warm.  I am ready for spring that is for sure. 

When this quilt is done my next task is spring cleaning.  It is also getting close to seed starting time.  Actually, it has been hard to hold back because the greenhouse has been super warm.

Are you finishing up your winter work?  What is next on your agenda?


  1. Brown earth is beautiful! Soon it will be covered in green and roses will be blooming. Your nephew is going to love his new quilt. You did a beautiful job on the quilting.

  2. We have some garden areas to renovate - one is just done. They'll be lots of sowing and planting to do soon too.

    it must be good to wave goodbye to all that snow.

  3. I'll be raking, raking, raking soon. There are many branches and spruce cones to contend with. I'm glad you are now losing your snow. -Jenn

  4. i feel like it has been a year of winter with all of this covid!! i have accomplished so much inside and craft wise!! i need to get outside and clean up my gardens and trim my roses. i know i should have tended to the roses before now!!

    the quilt looks awesome!!

  5. Isn't finish just one of the best feeling words? :-) I couldn't refrain so started 3 little pots of herbs in the house. My thyme just sprouted, so tiny. I want 1 plant and half doz. popped up (Haha!)


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