Sunday, April 25, 2021


 Today I planted my strawberries.  I had 25 Earliglow and 20 Mara Des Bois.  

I mulched them with some leftover alfalfa.  Then I covered the water tank with a fine mesh screen.  The boards are holding everything in place.

Hopefully, I will get a few strawberries this year and a ton next year.  

I was lucky enough to have my friend from college and her husband swing by this weekend for supper and a few games of pool.  She has lived out of state for several years, but they recently moved back.  It was a wonderful evening and I am so happy she is back.

Do you have any strawberry tips?  Do you still keep in touch with any of your college friends?  I hope you had a fantastic weekend.


  1. We had a lovely walk in the town forest on Saturday. I am in intermittent contact with one friend from college. Graduated 48 years ago!

  2. I'm going to renew our strawberry bed this year. My tip is if strawberries are nibbled by slugs don't take them off the plant as the slugs will return to the same fruit rather than searching out a new one.

  3. Hi Bonnie! You did a lot of good work on your strawberries! May they bear tons of fruit!

  4. I had so many strawberries that they almost took over the whole vegetable garden. My advice to you would have been to try and control their spread, but you obviously have that one taken care of, how you've planted them in the stock tank. I ended up ripping all my plants out because I wanted to enjoy more vegetables in my garden. -Jenn

  5. i went to nursing school after high school and have 2 friends i still keep in touch with from there. no tips on growing strawberries, but it look like you have a good handle on things!!


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