Sunday, May 2, 2021

The Tomato Taj Mahal

 I planted the Tomato Taj Mahal yesterday.  I transplanted the tomatoes, peppers, luffas, basils, and okra.  Then I planted carrots, peas, spinach, lettuce, and bok choy.

I love my square foot seed template.  I just put it down and stand on it.  It works like a charm.

I like cherry tomatoes and last year the purple bumblebee tomatoes were exactly what I wanted.  My favorite thing to do with tomatoes is quarter them, roast them, and enjoy them on pizza.  I also planted a couple of Sasha Atlas for fresh eating.  

I went back to the forks and corks method of labeling my carrots and lettuce.  I'm trying to be scientific about which carrots are the best.  We'll see how that goes.  I'm known for a lot of things.  Being scientific has never been one of them.

I'm afraid I may have to put a little heater in the greenhouse as today it has rained and the temperature has dropped. As long as it doesn't snow I am happy.

Do you have anything planted yet?  What are you veggie garden go to plants?


  1. That's a nifty little unit for seed planting. Works well for block planting, I imagine. Nothing planted in the veg. garden yet. If the rain would stop, I could finish weeding and then put in peas, lettuce, potatoes... -Jenn

  2. I am planning to plant some herbs in pots this year to put on the deck. Maybe a cherry tomato too but daughter has a large garden and we're sharing a large CSA share.

  3. I keep trying to get things in the ground, and I keep still having things to get in the ground! How does that happen. I love you seed template. Can I ask where you found yours? I've seen them before - don't know why you showing that picture just makes it look like a "must have" sorta tool (go ahead and roll your eyes at me - I know :-))

  4. We are hanging off planting for as long as we dare. Things just aren't growing as it is so cold.

  5. everything looks awesome, i always enjoy "planting" stories. i started everything indoors and it is all ready to be planted, perhaps tomorrow. i have cucs, all kinds of tomatoes, dill, carrots, lettuce and squash...and a ton of excitement!!

    the last image is so pretty!!

  6. oooooh and your header, GORGEOUS!!!

  7. Hi Bonnie! Those turkeys are so cute! I might go buy some seeds and plants today. Maybe! I have some weeding to do!


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