Sunday, May 30, 2021

Frog ponds...

My husband is an amazing man.  He does his best to make me happy.  This weekend was no different.  He had a friend make me a frog pond.

 Why would I need a frog pond you may ask.  When we first moved here the road past our cabin was a muddy clay mess.  People were constantly getting stuck.  The thing is the mud puddles and giant mud holes served a purpose.  The tree frogs were everywhere and laid their eggs in the puddles.  You cannot imagine the clouds of blue and yellow skipper butterflies drinking from the wet clay.  In the fall, I would see as many as 50 robins, blue jays, and flickers bathing in the puddles.

Then came 'progress'.  Someone came along and 'improved' the road.  No more giant mud hole and no more little puddles.  No more butterflies, fewer and fewer tree frogs, and I haven't seen a bird wiggling in a puddle forever.  It broke my heart.  My husband needed some work done so he asked the contractor to dig me a frog pond.  I'm so happy.  I can't wait for it to rain. If it doesn't rain, I'll haul water.  I hope it works. I heard a frog across the road from the pond yesterday.  Hopefully, he was scoping it out.
My orchard looks great.  The cherries, apples, crabapples, Saskatoon berries, Nanking cherries, and currents are all blooming.  The humm of the honeybees is so beautiful.   The yellow blooms looked great with the yellow dandelions.  I picked them right after for wine.

My daffodils are fabulous.  I love flowers in bloom.  It seems like spring has taken forever, but it is finally here.
I'm getting a lot of little projects done this weekend.  Thankfully the weather is cooperating.  What are you doing for Memorial Day weekend?  Did you travel?  Stay home and work on projects?  Or enjoy time with family?  Whatever you do, I hope it was wonderful.


  1. How lovely to haven the space to create a frog pond. I look forward to to seeing it populated.

  2. I hope your frog pond fills up and you'll be watching and hearing all sorts of little creatures, soon! -Jenn

  3. A frog pond will be the perfect thing for all your little critters. Think of the music you will enjoy when the peepers sing. I hope it rains soon. I love that last picture!


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