Sunday, June 6, 2021

Flowers and follow up...

 My spring fling is on the downhill slide, but it was beautiful while it lasted.

I got my sidewalk planters filled.  I'm going to say I almost had a heart attack.  Remember going to Wal-Mart or the hardware store and getting little six packs for a few dollars?  Well, those days are gone.  I buy plants to fill my 3 little planters and everything else I fill with seeds.  I think I will be planting them with seeds also after forking over what I did for 11 plants.
Our neighbor is moving and he had an auction last week.  My husband got me this boiler.  It works perfectly for my houseplants.

I have fallen in love with alliums.  They are like little spring fireworks.

I don't know what the deal was with these little tulips, but everytime I tried to take a photo the yellow streamed my picture.

These daffodils were so much fun. They looked so darn happy.  

Now some follow up. With past projects.

No potatoes.  It must have been too cold for them.  I swear you were supposed to have them in at Easter.  Guessing I got that wrong.
On the other hand, my strawberries are going strong.  I'm very pleased with their progress.
The Tomato Taj Mahal is rocking it.  Maybe you can't see, but the tomatoes and peppers are in heaven.  The spinach, bok choy, and lettuce will soon be ready for wraps and salads.  It also looks like another good year for my carrots and herbs.  In the outside beds the sweet corn, broccoli, cauliflower, and beans are making progress.  We had a really hot day yesterday and they made leaps and bounds.  There hasn't been any rain.  I filled the frog pond, but it was too dry to do much good.

That's all I know.  I hope your gardens are progressing.  What do you have flourishing in your vegetable garden?


  1. Wow! It all looks so beautiful. And I hear ya on the price of plants. Can't even find 6 packs. It's just 4 packs. We planted 17? tomatoes this year because Hubby wants more salsa. We are going to have tomatoes coming out our ears :-)

  2. All is beautiful there where you are. I have two tomatoes in pots planted in compost with some potting soil on top. Hope it works. Will post later this week with photos of what's in bloom.

  3. Our potatoes were very slow to get growing this year but have now taken off.

  4. Your flowers are gorgeous. I love the header picture. I started most of my flowers this year from seeds. They are a bit later than usual but they are coming on fast now that June is here. I am anxious to know how the frog pond project turns out.

  5. everything is gorgeous there in your neck of the woods. my vegetable garden is doing great, it's small, but perfect for me!! i have tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots lettuce, squash and some herbs. i am so happy with the growth of everything!!


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