Sunday, November 7, 2021

Sunrise to Sunset.,.


I saw this beautiful sunrise on the way to work a few days ago.  All week I kept hearing how we were supposed to see the Northern lights.  I made it a point to drink lots of water before bed, so I would have to get up and go to the bathroom.  Then I would look outside for the show.  My plan worked, except one night I slept like a log  Guess what night was crystal clear and people saw the lights?  Drat.  I missed them again.

I haven't been up to a whole lot.  I did save the seeds from my pumpkins then fed the shells to the deer.  It is crazy how the love pumpkins.  In town people don't worry about people ruining their pumpkins, it's the deer.  

We have one little spike that is addicted to apples.  Every morning he is under our apple tree looking for fresh drops.  Saturday morning Ella was relaxing on the lawn and I threw her an apple.  She munched it down just in time.  That little buck must have smelled it and came on the run.  He sat there and sniffed where she had been eating it.  Then he came up to us on the porch hoping she had left a piece for him.  My apple tree may be in trouble when he gets bigger.

I got some of the plants I ordered and was able to get them in the ground.  I'm still waiting for the tulip bulbs.  Tracking once said I would get them Oct. 8.  After the 8th came and went it said pending delivery.  Then tracking said it would show up on Nov. 3rd.  Nope and now it has gone back to pending delivery.  It took a month for Fed Ex to get it from Kansas to Colorado.  

That's all from my corner of the world.  When was the last time you saw the Northern lights?  Do the deer eat apples from your apple trees?

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