Sunday, August 7, 2022

On the road again...

 I had no plans to go anywhere this summer and yet it seems I've been on the road every other week.  Last week I was in Darby, Montana conducting a training.  It is beautiful country with wonderful people.  

Every day I drove by the set of the show Yellowstone.  It takes away some of the magic when you find out everything is only 200 feet off the highway.

This was the same creek.  One side of the island was calm and soothing. Below is the other side which was fast moving and rushed.  
I went for a hike up Tin Cup trail and enjoyed the jaunt immensely.  The trees were monstrous.  I was busy identifying all of the fauna along the trail.

My husband, as always, was amazing and kept my plants watered during 100 degree temps.  He even sent visual proof of his efforts.

Everything was happy and healthy when I returned.  He even managed to sand, stain, and caulk a majority of the west side of our cabin.  This side always takes the brunt of hail, rain, and snowstorms.  I was impressed with his progress.

I had a pleasant surprise on Saturday when my birthday present from last year arrived.  My sister got me a gift certificate for Sutton Iris company.  Needless to say I got them in the ground.  The timing was perfect, as we got a nice thunderstorm last night.

Did you have any surprises this week?  Did you do any traveling?  Any hikes or gardening?  I hope you had a great week.


  1. Our surprise was that we actually had potatoes when Martyn lifted the plants. The tops made hardly any growth and died back quickly so we didn't expect a crop.

  2. What a beautiful road trip. What a beautiful place. I haven't been there in years. You do get hail storms there don't you? I hope you have a lovely week.


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