Sunday, August 21, 2022

Summer lull...

 No bears since last weekend.  I can't say I am not disappointed.  There are lots of bees and summer flowers.

Phlox is one of my favorite flowers.  The scent is amazing.  The hummingbird moth is never far away.  They also love the phlox.

The chipmunks planted these petunias.  They are always surprising me.
I have many acorn squash and zucchini.  My carrots, beans,  and tomatoes are in full swing.

How are your flower gardens?  How are your vegetable gardens?  I know I need to stop eating the tomatoes and start broiling and freezing them.  


  1. Aren’t those hummingbird moths just the coolest things ever? I’ve seen one this summer. - Jenn

  2. Our garden has lacked colour this year. All our lovely perennials planted last year have dried up flowers, I just hope that the plants survive.

  3. My flowers need serious deadheading and the beds need weeding. It's on the To Do list but last week was a Covid week for me and the week before our vacation with family so no time to do any of that garden work. I'll get to it this week sometime. Your garden looks great.

  4. I love your wonderful flower pictures. Sunflowers are so much fun in the garden. When I am out walking, I keep hoping I will see a bear, but at the same time I keep hoping I won't see a bear. Is that the way it is with you? Ha! If only the hummingbird moth didn't produce those horrid horned worms that destroy the tomatoes.

  5. Just beautiful. I just love seeing your beautiful gardens. I think I have eaten my tomatoes too. My garden is tired. Its so nice to see how beautiful and vibrant the colors are. I love that you caught that picture of that moth. I hope you have a lovely week.


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