Sunday, January 14, 2024

A winter's day...

 What does one do when the temperatures are -20?  Well, actually there is quite a bit to do.  I am always quilting.  My pile of patches is slowly growing.There is always baking, especially hot fudge pudding cake.  It may not look pretty, but it is warm and delicious: I got up to -25, my thoughts went to canning something to warm up the kitchen.  Ironically, while texting my brother about how to warm up the cabin he replied, "need to can some stuff."  I about died laughing.  Obviously, we grew up in the same house.  The funny thing is I did find something to can.  Our neighbor owns a barbeque business.  He had done two caterings and had some leftovers.  Bless his heart, he stopped by to pay us for plowing him out and gave us a bunch of leftover pulled pork, brisket, and bbq sauces. Too much for two people to eat, but the perfect amount to can. My warming the house solution came true.  Nine pints of canned pulled pork later, the cabin is warmer.  Tomorrow the brisket.

Saturday didn't get much warmer then -20, but we had a heatwave today and it got to -7.  Great weather for snowshoeing.  
It was beautiful out, without any wind what-so-ever.  After being indoors for two days, I couldn't wait to get out and stretch my legs.  

As the Nordic people say there is no bad weather, just bad clothing.  I bundled up and took a 1 and a half-mile walk.  I stayed plenty warm, but you wouldn't know it to look at me.  I can't believe my hair froze like that.  
All that is left is a hot shower and sit by the fire blogging, after that back to reading, Chickens Mules and Two Old Fools, by Victoria Twead.  I'm really enjoying this humorous book.  A perfect way to spend a winter day.
What is your perfect way to spend a winter day?


  1. So much to love here, except your temps! Your hot fudge cake melted me instantly, its great you know how to keep warm with such dastardly weather! Love how its all about the clothes. Best pic is the last 🐾

  2. Your quilt blocks are looking good! I baked a ham to help warm the house us. We'll have leftovers all week :)

  3. A lovely dessert and a canning project, that's plenty of action if you ask me, but to follow it up with a 15 mile(!) walk - just wow. 😳 It did look appealing outside though.

    1. One and a half, not 15. I could not do a 15 mile walk if it was decent weather.

    2. Such a relief, haha. A mile & a half sounds about right.

  4. Oh my gosh -25 and frozen hair. That makes our -1 and 1cm of snow look very feeble!! I'm glad you like the book. I'm going to try and listen to it again and if I still don't like the narrator I'll get a hard copy as I think it will be a good read.

  5. No minus temps here but snow all day. I used the time to do some laundry and make cards for birthdays coming up.


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