Sunday, February 18, 2024


 Sooooo, paper piecing may not be my thing.  I thought it was a good way to use up scraps, but it really isn't.  I ran out of sky material at the very end.  It seemed like you could get in a good rhythm and things would go well.  They didn't.  

I thought I was doing great, but as you can see the hump has a few issues.
I knew I was having issues with the hump, but the tail malfunction completely blindsided me.  I don't know what happened there, but it isn't pretty. 
The seam ripper is my friend.  The seam ripper is my friend.  The seam ripper is my friend.
On to other less frustrating areas of my life.  I did hot yoga this weekend with a good friend of mine, Michelle.  Afterwards, we enjoyed a cup of coffee and a refreshing visit.  We both have undergone some big changes in our lives lately.  Sometimes you just need to talk things out with a friend.

My husband and I have really been enjoying the outdoors this weekend.  I am forever thankful that we can go for walks together.  Many years ago, he had a bad hip and we couldn't walk 30 yards without him enduring days of pain afterward.  He had hip replacement surgery about 15 years ago and the results have been amazing.  I never take our walks for granted.
It snowed this week and I have to say it was much needed.  Everything feels like it just got a fresh coat of paint.  The snow renewed winter.  Things look crisp and clean.  Once in a while life needs a reset and that is what the snow provided.  Have you had snow lately?


  1. The trees look beautiful in the snow, my husband and I walk along the sea shore where we live.

  2. Snow here has been disappointing this winter. We had a dusting again last night but it's not the winter wonderland of last year.

  3. paper piercing, i do not know anything about it but it looks like a quilt!! the snow i beautiful, hooray for replacing parts and helping him to be pain free!!

  4. I love the buffalo! I love the colors you are using. Yes, getting together with a friend is such good therapy! So good that you can enjoy your walks with your husband. It is February here in Texas and usually it is the coldest month with snow. This week our temps have been up to 86. The only snow we have gotten this whole winter was a few flakes after a very good rain.


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