Sunday, September 21, 2014

Harvest continued...

 For not having a great garden this year, I am getting a pretty good harvest.  I took my little sweetcorn ears and cut them off of the cob.  The final tally was 8 cups of corn.  Not bad.  Then came the crab apples.  I boiled them then used the fruit press to squeeze the juice.  The juice went towards wine and jelly.  The pulp was put through the food mill to make apple sauce.  Then I put the pulp from the peach wine through the food mill.  I ended up with a wonderful batch of peach/crab applesauce.  It is much sweeter than the crab applesauce I made last week.  Busy busy.  
I also tackled the worm bin.  I took the bottom layer and have it soaking in water for a nice houseplant fertilizer.  I then took potting soil, the leftovers from canning, shredded paper and some other compost for a new home.  Hopefully, they will be happy little worms and make plenty of fertilizer for my houseplants next spring.  

It was kind of a bummer working inside when outside the colors are incredible.  Mother Nature is rewarding us with a fall after keeping fall from us last year.  

 My camera does not do the vividness justice.  Oh to capture the scent of fall and the sound of the blue jays.  It was a wonderful weekend.  I hope everyone is enjoying the season also.


  1. Lovely pics, and nice harvest. I like how you used the cake pan to hold the corn. I have a couple of cob strippers that do it fast. I like to sauté the fresh corn with onion ,pepper and whatever else I have handy for a nice side.

  2. i love the view at your place, i always see whats soon to come for me!! i THINK i would like a simplier life style, more farming and living off the land but i do realize it's also a lot of hard work. perhaps simplier is not the right word, perhaps it's quiet, less populated....less complicated!!!

  3. Oh, how I miss Aspen trees! That big snow you had earlier probably helped bring on those great fall colors.

  4. Bonnie,
    Sounds like the fall harvest is keeping you busy. Your foodie creations will taste great in the midst of a South Dakota winter.

    The colors are changing on the prairie too. I need to get out with my camera and capture it.

  5. I knew it would be beautiful for you. I love your fall. You have been so busy. I enjoy seeing what you have been doing to prepare for winter.
    I am glad you have all of these pretty colors this year.

  6. You are busy! I am so enjoying this little hunk of Indian Summer after the hard freeze. It's so pretty there where you are. We're gradually going golden here!


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