Sunday, September 7, 2014

What the heck happened?

So I really thought I had this vegetable gardening down.  The last two years I had some wonderful harvests.  Well, not this year.  I guess it had to do with the cool weather all year.  This is my first harvest.  Yes, fellow gardeners this is my FIRST harvest and I don't foresee much after this.

I was hoping to make crab apple jelly, but they are still a tad tart.
My sweetcorn has about another week to go, but now my husband is saying it is supposed to snow Wed or Thursday.  Drat.
At least I can close up the greenhouse and try to coax some more tomatoes and peppers.  No berries and no garden produce from this year's harvest.  It is a good thing I don't rely on them for survival or I'd be losing some weight.  Guess I will have to go with my gardening credo... "maybe next year."


  1. Hmm I had to double check the date on this post ...did you say the " S" word ????
    Yes coax those tomatoes and cheer on those peppers.
    Snow ~ you really said snow ~ oh no.

  2. Can't believe it will be that cold yet. I have been getting a great harvest.

  3. I read the weather report this morning and my first thought was of you. I was saying " Oh No!! Not snow!" I really hope the weather man is wrong.
    My harvest has not been the best either. 45 tomato plants, Early Girls, Beef Steak, you name it I got a few cherry tomatoes.
    So with our drought, and your snow. It just wasn't a very good gardening year. We had four crab-apples. Nothing like in the past. Well you will be in my thoughts. I am so glad you have the green house.

  4. I really had to do a double take when I read your next week's weather forecast. That just can't be. Well, what do you do? Thank goodness for your green house, it's like you need two of them for years like this. My harvest this year has been ok, we've been without rain for pretty much the entire summer which is, extremely dry for us.

  5. Oh it was a strange gardening season for all I do think Next year oh yes Next year. Hug B

  6. Bonnie,
    I am not ready to think about the white stuff either. Not in September. We have had several neighbors tell us they have seen light frost and 34*. The cold front moved in last night; it looks gray and rainy and the wind is blowing this morn.

    My tomatoes are doing good. I must have picked some slicers as they are huge. Peppers hit and miss. My 2 zucchini plants have kept me supplied all summer. I like to pick them small to sautee, grill or slice up and add to a salad. Cucumbers were small and short lived.The buttercup squash are looking good. Will have to see what the weather does. My Brussels sprouts were attacked by worms and I pulled them up a month ago.

    Ah the joys of gardening.


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