Friday, June 24, 2016

Just sitting on the porch...

It has been super hot and dry here.  Today we had a quick shower.  Not enough to really do anything besides get some good photos.  

 Despite the heat, my flowers are looking fabulous. Was able to get some wonderful photos right after the rain.

 I like this one of the water droplets on the peony.  You can even see a speck of dirt in the one droplet. 
To beat the heat I made a batch of my favorite homemade peach ice cream.  I can't wait to sit on the porch eating an ice cream cone and watching the robins feed their little ones.
 I am impressed with their hunting abilities.  They make unending rounds to the nest and their beaks are always full.
What do you see from your porch?  Have you had any rain?  What is your favorite homemade ice cream?


  1. I would love the peach,mmmmmmmmmmm. I like peach anything, been eating a lot.I like that pink daisy, but all you have are really nice. I have been at the pool every day just to avoid the heat. Today feels like i may have to turn on the AC, but I am busy all day and wont be home much.Taking a farm tour with my garden club this afternoon. The guy rotates with oats.Have Farmers Market this AM and lots of jams to sell with my daughter.Picked cherries through the week, bountiful crop this year.

  2. We had buckets and buckets of rain yesterday. The birds to watch here are the bluebirds diving to the grass after a bug. They have their second batch of nestlings. Soon my view will be of the treetops. Move day is Monday!

  3. I love your flowers!!! I also love that shot you got of the rain.
    We won't have rain again until November if we are lucky, but December is more like it.
    We have a fire burning now, so nothing but smoke from my porch. I think I like vanilla home made ice cream still the best. :) I need to start soaking my freezer now though. With the Fourth coming. Have a lovely weekend.

  4. Hi Bonnie! I love your pics with raindrops on your flowers :) It's been a cooler June here in NW Oregon. It feels like the weather I grew up with out here. The last few years of hot springs were just weird and uncomfortable. Your pic of the ice cream maker is inspiring. I think I should get one and try it out. I think the kids would get a kick out of it. Currently, the view from my front porch is of a sunny, Saturday morning with a light breeze. The American flag is swaying and I have a cat on the ledge....leaning over to eat my fancy grasses. Great. Happy Summer Bonnie!

  5. My Grandpa made the best Peach ice cream and let us all take a turn at the crank. Your flowers are gorgeous...I'm fighting Japanese beetles on my roses and the heat on my hydrangeas. It's going to be a long summer. XOXO

  6. The rain photos are spectacular!
    We had a sprinkle. Not much, but it smelled SO good.
    I'm watching the robins feed their babies in a nest right next to our front porch. They are so busy and I too, am amazed at where they find all those bugs to feed their babies.

    Your ice cream sounds scrumptch! I like ALL ice cream. Just had lemon poppyseed ice cream at the Creamery in Spearfish. So good.

  7. Somehow I missed a couple of your posts!! I absolutely love the rain photos!


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