Sunday, June 5, 2016

This weekend is for the birds...

Finally a nice weekend.  A bit of a wind, but still warm enough to sit outside and enjoy the world.  Enjoy I did.  I spent the weekend birdwatching.  

These robins got my hopes up by starting a nest on the porch, but they must have abandon the idea.  Still, it has been fun to watch their relentless search for worms on our lawn.  They were my Grandmother's favorite bird. 

Below I was skeptical about my new bird bath.  But if you look in the lower corner there is already a line forming to use it.  I think that is a female house finch waiting for the junco to finish.  

The evening grossbeaks have been singing their beautiful song.
The bluejays are also enjoying the feeders.  If you notice on the photo to the left he is checking out the feeder before partaking in the seed.  This is probably because yesterday he wasn't so careful and landed on a chipmunk.  There was quite the noise as both parties were very surprised.   

I am hopeful to add one more photo, as a hummingbird has been visiting my feeders this evening.  I'm trying to get a picture as I sit on the porch typing this blog.  He is still pretty skittish, so maybe by the next post.  
 I do have two late entries.  Not the hummingbird, but the Western tanager and it's mate.  Both are very beautiful and tease me with occasional visits.  I guess they wanted to be a part of this evening's post.  Now if I could just get that hummingbird.
I have certainly enjoyed watching the birds this weekend.  I hope the birds are providing you with entertainment as well.
A late addition, but a welcome one.


  1. You are so got a hummingbird!! The Western tanagers are their striking yellow. This time of year I'm loving waking up to the birds singing in the trees outside our bedroom window. Stalling as long as I can with putting in the A/C unit.

  2. I have six feeders up for those hummers. The tanager and grosbeak are a delight, I have ruby-breasted grosbeak and scarlet tanager down here.

  3. Fantastic pictures! The tanager is very pretty. We do not get those here. I love the hummingbirds, so tiny. They come quite close to us if we are on the porch and they are feeding from our hanging flowers. -Jenn

  4. I love your bird pictures. I love that you have so many brightly colored birds. Ours are mostly brown and just a bit of yellow or white, well except for the Blue Jays. I love that you heard the blue jay land on the chipmunk. That tickles me.
    With it being so hot, birds around here get more brave. They want to stay on the porch. I do hope you can get a shot of that hummingbird.
    Have a wonderful week.


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