Sunday, June 19, 2016

Keeping busy...

We were all over the place this weekend.  Out on the Belle Fourche River, there had been an inch of rain.  Things looked greener than the last weekend we were out.  I was very pleased to catch this dragon fly and the nest of a mourning dove. 

Back at the cabin the roses and iris are blooming like crazy.  This is one of the many wild roses that blooms all around the cabin.

 These are my Harrison's yellow roses.  They can be seen at South Dakota homesteads long after the homesteader has gone.   They are one of the hardiest roses I've ever seen.

 My rose bed is flourishing.   It looked especially beautiful on our foggy Saturday morning.

 I was very happy to catch this colorful fellow amongst the flowers.
 The dianthus, creeping thyme, and lamb's ear are a perfect match.  
 We took my husband's little Willy's jeep for a trial run.  It passed with flying colors.

 I was a busy weekend.  We are enjoying summer every moment, because it never lasts long enough.  I was also lucky enough to spend this afternoon on the porch with a good friend sharing lemonade and enjoying a long visit.  How is your summer going?


  1. Beautiful flowers!! That yellow rose is lovely in combination with the irises. -Jenn

  2. You have some lovely blooms there. We are just returned from a European vacation which included stops in Finland, a river cruise on the Danube and a stop over outside of Munich. It was a lovely two weeks. Now we are in the final stretch before moving to our retirement apartment in town. Today I must weed one last time, do some sorting for trash tonight and begin packing items I don't want the movers to pack. A full week ahead.

  3. It is hot already, I am debating what to eat. I ate all day yesterday, coming home and fixed a turtle sundae.Going fishing as soon as I can, catching some big ones, wish they were trout.

  4. Wow, your flowers are just gorgeous! I love the way you have them planted...not in straight, tidy rows, but they look so natural together...the iris, roses, and the walkway border. Does that thyme creep between the stones? I bet it smells so good when you walk over it! Our neighbor boy has an old 1946 Willys jeep that he got running. They're fun vehicles!

  5. It's hot and Japanese Beetles are eating my roses! On the bright side, the garden is colorful and I'm awaiting for the grands to arrive in August. Happy Summer, dear friend, XOXO

  6. Your flowers are lovely. I like that those roses are growing around the old homesteads. It just looks like you are having a beautiful summer. I like how your flowers look in the fog too.
    I am glad you are having a nice summer. I bet it is fun in that jeep.
    You know, summer is wonderful and I am painting. :) I am out early though and it is perfect. Tomorrow I have to work in my garden. I need some outside time. Have a nice week. Lovely photos.

  7. Your flowers are so pretty and that mountain view isn't too shabby, either.

  8. What a glorious color for an extremely hardy rose! Love the bright yellow blooms. The garden looks amazing. Your summer sounds perfect to me, nothing better than rides in the country and friends and lemonade on the porch. :-)


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