Sunday, October 16, 2016

Buttoned up...

Well, it was a bummer, but I pulled the less hardy things up and put away the garden decorations.  I am officially ready for winter.  I am grateful for a beautiful year and have been lucky enough to share it with others.  
 As you can see, the outside veggie bed is ready for it's winter sleep.  The greenhouse is also put to bed.  I picked the last of the tomatoes and peppers.  All that is left the big unidentified plants (cabbage that doesn't have heads?) and carrots.  My carrots germinated so late they are just tiny.  I have decided to leave them in and see what happens next year.  I also pulled the tea garden wash tub inside.  The calendula and mint are still looking good.  
 My potting bench is neatly tucked into the barn.  On the top shelf are jars of seeds.  In the corner of the photo is the parsley from the greenhouse.  I potted it up and will take it into the house.  
 I have to show these amazing mussel shells I found while we were duck hunting.  I was retrieving a duck, when I found a spot that was loaded with these monster shells.  Obviously the water level had gone down enough that the raccoons had a heyday.  I am sure they are fat, dumb, and happy.  The photo to the right isn't the best, I just wanted to show the shells in relation to something.  I had no idea they could get that big on something like the Belle Fouche River.  One will make a perfect holder for my homemade lotion bars.
Here is a smattering of my projects.  I totally overboiled my caramel apple jam and it solidified.  I haven't done that in a long time.  I saved it in the end.  I was making caramel apple applesauce (no one has ever accused me of healthy eating), so I just added the solid jam to the applesauce and vola some super awesome jam.  I also canned 6 pints of apple cider.  Then the beekeeper stopped by and dropped off 8 quarts of honey.  Yes, dad, 8 quarts.  I bottled 9 bottles of my Red Letter Raspberry wine.  Then I went out and picked that little jar of rosehips.  I used the really cool dehydrator setting on my oven to dry them out for tea.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the parsley will make it through the winter.  Parsley is one of my favorite herbs.

I know I normally take a photo of all my creations, but I've been giving things away as fast as I make them. I was happy to host my uncle and his wife this past week and more company is on the way.   Our fall has been amazing and I am soaking it in.  I have spent several wonderful hours in the treestand and out duck hunting with my husband.  I am a lucky woman and thankful for all I have.  
I hope your fall has been plentiful and filled with pleasant company.


  1. I'll be traveling to watch my granddaughters for 5 days, but when I return, I have bulbs to get in and perennials to trim, although these next few days are looking a lot like summer again. I haven't done near the canning I usually do, but have some ideas to try Apple Cider Jam when I return. Happy Fall, my friend, XOXO

  2. You are so organized! I never thought of saving seeds and putting them in jars. Such a simple thing, but I'd put them in a plastic bag and then either lose the bag or end up sharing with the mice in my garden shed.
    I like that last picture of your place. It's nice seeing your beautiful house from a different perspective. You have a beautiful place in the middle of a beautiful setting. Love the fall leaves. Are those Aspens?

  3. It has been a beautiful autumn on the prairie too. Glad you had a bountiful garden and lots of produce, jams, jelly, honey and more to share!

    Do you eat the duck? How do you prepare it? Have you seen any nice deer?

  4. LOVE the title ;) Caramel apple applesauce sounds delicious and sure it is good for you. They are huge shells. I am happy you are all "buttoned up" it is that time of year. Hug B

  5. LOVE the title ;) Caramel apple applesauce sounds delicious and sure it is good for you. They are huge shells. I am happy you are all "buttoned up" it is that time of year. Hug B


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