Sunday, October 9, 2016

I will survive...

We finally had a frost.  I am not complaining.  It has been one of the most beautiful falls.  I have a few stalwart flowers that are hanging tough.  They have made it though a dry summer and want to compete with the leaves for a grand show.
 Sooner or later I will stop taking photos of this rose, but I can't help myself.  She is a real lady.
 Every year his phox waits until the bitter end and every year I threaten it with, "If you don't bloom moving you off the front stage."  It listens and it blooms.  Who says you can't talk to your plants.  
 My mother has the most beautiful mums, while I am mum challenged.  This is the only one that has survived the winters here, but I can't say it is putting on a very nice display.  Meanwhile, my asters are always spectacular.   They hide quietly in the beds all year and then, BAM, here they are.
 I found this sad little bloom in my rose bed.  That bed did awful this year.   It just couldn't hold up against the dry weather, despite all of our watering.   

 These are wonderful little volunteer snapdragons.   I love the colors.  The original were a deep red.  They withstood the frost just fine.
 The sedum and black eyed susans are on the downswing.

 The little violas are holding their own.  I don't remember planting them, but I am glad they came up.  
 You would think we stained the barn to match the maple.  We didn't, but they are a perfect match.

These guys are competing with the leaves for color.  I'd say they are doing pretty good.  

I'm afraid that is all I have.  I am miserable with a cold.  A real bummer on such a wonderful weekend.  I hope everyone else is able to fight off the frost and let fall linger a bit longer.


  1. I picked my last few tomatoes this week. I still have a few pumpkins and squash out.A friend in Alberta had his first snow, hope it stays nice here longer. I was born on a first frost so always wait for that cold to come and stay after my birthday, 10-5.Love that rose, I need some in my new yard.You have some great blooms to share today.

  2. Blah sorry to hear you have a cold. Tis the season (in schools, anyway). I think violets and snapdragons do so well to hang on even after frosts. I can't keep mums alive either. Your asters are fabulous! -Jenn

  3. Bonnie, sorry to hear about your cold! I'm sure our first frost will be very soon, yesterday morning we were at 39 degrees. Any night now....

    I love all the blooms that are showing off now in your garden, and I did think you'd stained the barn to match the maple, too. :-) And like you and Jenn, I have no luck with mums, either but I sure do love looking at the displays of people who do. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. It's all so beautiful. Your barn fits into the fall scenery just perfectly.
    Keep yourself well so you can get out and enjoy more of autumn.

  5. Bonnie,
    Your autumn garden colors are gorgeous and made me smile today.

    Hope you feel better soon. It's too early to be under the weather.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog; I enjoy your comments. WIA Conference was excellent. It's always fun to see our ideas and planning come to life and be happy with the results.

  6. Your flowers are so pretty. I love that shot with the maple and the barn. I am so sorry you are sick. I hope you feel all back to normal soon.
    We are cooling down little by little. It is still lovely to have fall.
    I hope you have a lovely week.

  7. I love chrysanthemums as winter cut flowers. I also think they asters and rudbeckiasms are a must at this time of year ..

  8. Beautiful fall snapshots! Our colors are mostly gone except for a few marigolds and shrub roses and some golden cottonwoods. Hoping you are feeling better soon.

  9. What a lovely garden you have, my friend. So full of color and an array of varieties--it certainly is an example how different flowers can make a beautiful place...just like people!


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